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How To Tie A Mattress To A Roof Rack: Lifehack


How to Tie a Mattress to a Roof Rack

Sleep is part of resting which is essential for every human being. To rejuvenate appropriately, one needs to be comfortable. One way to ensure maximum comfort is by sleeping in a comfortable bed.

The biggest problem comes in when one is moving and opts to carry the mattress. The majority of people prefer hiring a moving company to take it for them. However, some find it convenient to have it on the roof of a car rack.

Choosing to carry a mattress using a car roof rack requires a set procedure to ease the car’s movement. 

The aim should be that it reaches its destination safely without being ripped. 

Steps To Safely Secure The Mattress On A Roof Rack

Before choosing to carry a mattress on a roof rack, it is advisable to look first at the size of the vehicle you have. 

Some mattresses can fit the car’s trunk; hence there is no need for putting them on a roof rack. Methods to safely secure a mattress on a car’s roof rack include;

1. Wrapping it in a plastic

The suitable plastic for wrapping the mattress should be precise of the same size as the mattress. Extra plastic should be tapped as the wind can easily cause the plastic to rip off, making it come loose.

2. Buy a sturdy rope

When purchasing a sturdy rope, it is convenient to choose a strong and not too thick rope. The string should also be long enough for up to four times the width of the bed.

3. Secure your mattress to the roof of the car

Put the mattress on top of the car roof in the middle. Over the length of the mattress, toss the long piece of sturdy rope. 

Tossing should be done on the front and back end of the car to ensure it is secure when moving.

4. Roll down the windows

With exemption to the driver’s window, all other car windows should be rolled down. Running the sturdy rope through all windows makes the driver’s door open, and the passengers of the vehicle will use it as an exit route in case of any emergency. 

Toss one end of the second piece over the width of the mattress and loop it back through the open windows; this is done by tying two ends of the rope together inside the car.

Tools Used To Aid In The Moving Process

Mattress bag or a thick plastic bag

It should be sized according to the mattress size to avoid wind which eventually causes the plastic bag to rip off quickly.

Duct tape

To prevent the ripping effect of the wind, any extra plastic should be tapped. Duct tapes work best for this type of purpose as compared to other kinds of tapes.


A sturdy rope is essential as it is the one responsible for holding the mattress together when moving. Without a string, the mattress would easily fall off.


It is used to cut off the duct tape after the correct size has been used. It is also used to cut the rope when no more is required.

Work gloves

These types of gloves act as arm protection gear. Wearing them will create a safe environment while putting the mattress on the roof rack.

Extra hands

Safely securing the mattress on a roof rack requires two people so that they can balance it equally on the car’s roof. Doing it alone can make the work even harder than it should be.

How To Dispose Of A Used Mattress

1. Selling it

Clean your mattress, preferably by a professional. Then take photos of it and explain how it is maintained and cleaned to invite more buyers. Also include the price you bought it with and the price you are selling it at.

2. Recycle it

The main problem with recycling mattresses is that most recycling centers will not take them. Only those designed to recycle mattresses will; however, they are very few and quite expensive.

3. Create art

Being creative with the mattress makes it more valuable than just staying in the landfill. Try to find new projects that require you to use your old mattress. 

You can also search online on some ideas or, better yet, search for artists who use or can use mattresses and offer them yours.

4. Donating it to charity

Ensure that your mattress is free of stains as it would otherwise not be accepted. It is not a sure way to get rid of your mattress as it may be rejected due to its bad condition or even the amount of dirt in it.

5. Re-using it for children’s playtime

You can decide to put it in the backyard and let your children play on it. Additionally, use it instead of a trampoline if you cannot afford it at that particular time. 

However, you should note that it should be kept clean as dirty mattresses can cause illnesses.

6. Compost it

The stuffing on your mattress plus the wood frame can help you create a compost pile in your backyard. 

Wood slats from the frame can be used to create the bin for the compost. Cotton stuffing can be used as a cover to protect the compost from unwanted elements and keep the pile warm, accelerating composting. 

Springs can be used as trellises for climbing plants, and stuffing’s from them can be used to keep weeds out by acting as landscape fabrics.

7. Donate to a pet rescue center

Animals awaiting adoption can use your old mattresses as beds. Animal shelters may not be necessarily concerned about stains as long as it is clean and can be used.

8. Donate to a shelter or Church

They accept donations of professionally cleaned mattresses. These shelters include home shelters, women shelters, or even disaster relief shelters. Churches might take your clean mattress for programs that help families in need or for a mission.

9. Disassemble and Use the parts

Some components in your mattress might be helpful to you, and instead of taking it to a recycling facility, you can disassemble it yourself. Stuffing’s can be used for reupholstering furniture and even for new pillows. 

You can use the wood frame for carpentry work. Metal springs can also be used for climbing plants in the backyard or even wine bottle holders.

How To Clean Your Mattress

1. Gather your cleaning supplies

Deep clean your mattress using cold water, baking soda, laundry detergent, cleaning cloths, dish soap, or an enzyme cleaner to get stains out and a vacuum with an upholstery attachment.

2. Wash all the beddings

Blankets, mattress covers, and pillows and should be removed and washed with warm water to remove or do away with any dirt mites.

3. Vacuum your mattress

Vacuum the sides and the whole surface of the mattress to get any hidden dust or dirt, seams, and breakout the attachment.

4. Spot-clean the mattress

Use a stain remover on areas where the stains are and start spot cleaning to remove the stains. Do not soak your mattress or even apply detergent directly to it. 

The type of stain and mattress will also dictate the type of stain remover you will use. Enzyme cleaners are used for biological stains such s blood, urine, vomit, sweat, and other similar stains.

5. Sprinkling baking soda on the entire mattress

After sprinkling the baking soda on top of it, leave it for few hours. Putting the mattress outside in the sun is the best way, but sprinkling baking soda is an alternative way. 

When using baking soda, it is advisable to open all the windows to allow the light in to kill bacteria and germs.

6. Vacuum again

Thoroughly vacuum the mattress after leaving it with the baking soda for hours.

7. Turn over the mattress

Having focused on one side of the mattress, flip it and repeat the above steps with this other side. 

Flip it at regular intervals whether you are cleaning it or not. This will help it last longer and wear off more evenly.

8. Protecting the mattress

After cleaning and removing stains from the mattress, protecting it should be prioritized.  Covering it with a mattress protector will make future cleaning a bit easier.

9. Use fitted sheet

To keep dirt off the mattress, use a sheet that perfectly fits the mattress. Sheets should be washed on a regular basis to ensure that the mattress is also kept clean.


Carrying a mattress on a car roof rack is relatively cheap compared to hiring a moving company. However, if one has a big enough car, such as an SUV or pick up, there is no need to use a roof rack. The mattress should be kept clean to avoid any illnesses caused by dirty mattresses.

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