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6 Steps In Mold Remediation Process


6 Steps In Mold Remediation Process

Dreaming of removing your mold completely?

Well, dream on, since mold doesn’t get destroyed that easily.

Some businesses would guarantee total mold removal.

Don’t fall for this marketing trick!

It’s important to understand where molds grow and how they increase in numbers when exposed to water.

If left to multiply, these mold colonies produce allergens and irritants and cause health complications in humans.

While mold remediation can’t get rid of mold completely, it can restore its levels to normal and natural.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the steps involved in the mold remediation process.

Step#1: Antimicrobial Application

Microbes are those microscopic organisms that you can’t see with your naked eyes.

They can be found in almost every place imaginable: your body, on the surface of your shoe, or on your mobile phone (which is important to disinfect regularly).

Some can also call your home as theirs without any prior notice. The increase in microbes will plague the emergence of mold in places where there’s stagnant water.

For this reason, the use of antimicrobial agents is important to prevent the appearance of those pesky mold spores.

Step #2: Source Identification

As previously mentioned, mold spores can be invisible to the naked eye, so pinpointing their whereabouts can be difficult.

One obvious place to look out for is a moisture-rich corner or place.

Of course, even then, you might not be able to identify them since, in their early developmental phases, they can still go unnoticed.

Technicians should use modern mold-identifying equipment such as thermal imaging to capture your uninvited guests.

Step #3: Containment

Identifying the mold and having a Eureka moment is not the end of conquering this organism.

You also have to think about all those tiny spores that might have flown onto your furniture and floors of other rooms.

That’s the way molds operate to increase their population. They let go of their younglings like birds let go of their offspring.

Thus, having your mold technician isolate the main contaminated area is vital to stop further mold proliferation.

Step #4: Air Filtration

On a hot summer day, you head to your living room to start the AC.

You suddenly notice a peculiar odor surrounding the room. It smells musty as if you just took a whiff of some damp soil.

What could it be?

It might as well be coming from your AC! Remember, when water condenses inside your AC, what will it attract overtime?


Unbeknownst to you, mold spores are now traveling inside your room and heading to other locations. That’s why filtering the air is also essential.

Negative air machines with a high-efficiency particulate (HEPA) help filter the air when technicians are carefully removing the mold in your room.

Step #5: Removal And Cleanup

Some people are so scared of a spider infestation. When they might spot many spiders on their furniture, they would want to summon a flamethrower to destroy everything.

Severe mold infestations might lead you to do the same thing. You might have to get rid of furniture, carpets, and insulation.

But that’s not your call to make. Technicians will tell you if they’ll be a need to go to that extreme.

Also, you might need an environmental hygienist if the contaminated area surpasses 10 square feet.

Step #6: Restoration

So you effectively removed all the mold that you wanted.

Some wood had to be trimmed, and pipes needed to be removed.

Who will take care of rebuilding and restoring those affected places?

Why mold companies, of course!

Lucky for you, they offer restoration services to help you get your house back into its full glory!

Mold Remediation Services

Don’t be on stand-by mode and let the  green monster grow exponentially in your house! If you notice extreme humidity or running water where it shouldn’t be, take the appropriate measure and contact a professional mold remediation company to purify your property.

Jacob Lindsey

Jacob is a home remodeling guru having worked over 15 years in construction in Reno, NV, mainly focused on home renovations. He likes taking ideas from his clients and making them a reality.

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