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5 Tips And Tricks For Deep Cleaning And Reorganizing Your Storage Unit 


5 Tips And Tricks For Deep Cleaning And Reorganizing Your Storage Unit 

No matter how big your home is, you can always benefit from having extra space in your house. While there are many ways you can do this, one of the most efficient is to rent a storage unit. These units are a great solution for those in need of temporary or long-term storage to help keep their home decluttered while knowing their personal belongings are stored somewhere safe.

However, in order to make the most of your storage unit, it is important that you organize it properly so it can fit all of your items. To do this, you will need to make a plan for how to strategically organize the unit and have easier access later on. You want to avoid rummaging through every single box because that could clutter the unit even more.

To get you started, here are five tips you can follow for deep cleaning and properly reorganizing your storage unit. 

Clean The Storage Unit Thoroughly

Although you will most likely partner with a self storage facility that maintains clean units, it is still recommended that you go the extra mile and clean the unit thoroughly before storing your things. Not only will doing so keep the space clean and dry, but it will also keep all of your belongings safe and free of damage.

Start by sweeping the unit to remove all dust and dirt from the floor and then mop it with an all-purpose cleaner. Make sure you check the walls, corners, and ceilings for any cracks or leaks. If you notice any, alert the storage facility to do any necessary repairs.

Create A Master Contents List

Creating a contents list of the inventory is also important for the proper organization of storage units. This will come especially in handy if you are looking for a specific item and you aren’t sure whether you put it into the storage unit or not. Instead, you can check your contents list and save yourself the trouble of searching through all the boxes.

To make things easier, you should report each item in a spreadsheet which you will label categorically, depending on the type of belongings you have. If you want, you can also take photos of the stored items to keep up with what’s in your storage unit.

Make Sure You Label Everything

Although you will have your contents list to rely on when searching for a specific item, you should also remember to label every single box in your storage unit. Whether you choose to label the boxes with a number, the room the items came from, or the type of contents inside them, labeling gives you easier access to your things.

Depending on the type of storage solution you have chosen, there are several ways you can properly label your things. For instance, if you use cardboard boxes, then you should use a permanent black marker to label each box.  

Strategically Stack Items

A common mistake many people make when reorganizing their storage units is they don’t stack the items properly. To avoid this, it is advised that you store the large, heavy items on the bottom towards the back to create a stable base for the lighter items. Otherwise, you are increasing the chances of having unbalanced stacks which can easily cause havoc down the line.

Also, as you are stacking your things, make sure you place the items you use more frequently towards the front to have easier access to them. This way you won’t have to rummage to the back of your unit to find a particular item you need.

Install Shelving

Installing a sturdy shelving unit is another helpful trick to properly organize your storage unit. In fact, shelves can be very practical as they allow you to use the full height of your self-storage unit to your advantage. Depending on the type of items you plan to store, there is a wide variety of shelving units you can use to place your things safely and allow for easier access to your belongings.

Also, when stacking your items on shelves, make sure you follow the same rule of placing the heavy items on the bottom of the shelves and the lighter ones on top. 

Final Thoughts

Whether you are using your storage unit for a short or long time, it is important that you organize it properly so you will keep it clutter-free. Putting some thought into it will definitely save you the trouble of sifting through an organized mess whenever you need to find a specific item. Just follow the tips from our post and organize your storage unit like a pro. 

Jacob Lindsey

Jacob is a home remodeling guru having worked over 15 years in construction in Reno, NV, mainly focused on home renovations. He likes taking ideas from his clients and making them a reality.

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