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Why Proper Storage Of Flammables Is Important


Why Proper Storage Of Flammables Is ImportantRegardless of the company size, every business should strive to create a perfectly safe environment and find ways to prevent hazards. One such hazard is flammables. The proper storage of these flammables can be the difference between life and death.

If not stored properly, toxic vapors can evaporate from flammable liquids which makes them even more dangerous due to the fact that these vapors can explode if they come in contact with the atmosphere as they are about to reach their flashpoint. 

There are many factors to consider when storing flammable gases for your business or simply in your garage for private purposes. If you are looking for ways to maximize safety when dealing with flammables, this article will provide useful information, so you can properly store it. Continue reading to learn why proper storage of flammables is important for you and your business. 

What Are Safety Cans?

Safety cans are used by many different sectors, such as manufacturing and construction. These cans allow you to transport, dispense, or temporarily store up to 5 gallons worth of flammable materials safely and reliably.

A heavy duty gas can will help protect you and your employees or loved ones against potential explosions and fires by regulating volatile gases.

When liquid, most flammables are not exactly flammable. The fumes, however, are a danger. When the material reaches its flashpoint, there is a higher chance to explode. To prevent these unfortunate events, safety cans for flammable substances must meet numerous federal regulations and standards.

Purchase The Right Safety Equipment From Experts

Protect your workplace and workers. Make sure storage containers comply with OSHA regulations, and ensure that everyone working on site is completely safe and that they can carry out their duty stress-free.

If you are regularly transporting flammable components, check whether the gas can has a DOT-approved seal. Given that moving vehicles expose fuel cans to higher risks of damage, spillage, and accidents, DOT-approved cans are there to minimize the risk of potential accidents and hazards.

Factors That Contribute to the Safety of a Safe Container

As the name implies, safety cans for storing flammable liquids must be safe and reliable. They must prevent the flammable liquid from coming into contact with air, and should be able to stop dangerous situations from occurring. 

The safety cans come with a gasketed, self-closing, and leak-proof cover. For further protection against any accidental contact with flammable liquids, this safety cover has been included in the safety can design. Safety cans are required by law to prevent harmful spills and fumes from escaping. They automatically seal the container after being filled, or after pouring in the liquid. In addition to that, the container has been approved and has a cap to provide positive pressure relief. These details increase the safety of using flammable fluids.

Safety cans prevent outside heat sources, such as sparks, from heating the container’s volatile vapor space. They also prevent the container from bursting or exploding in the event of an explosion or a fire.

Keep in mind that every safety can has been pressure tested to ensure it does not leak.

What Is A Flashpoint?

A flashpoint is a temperature at which a material can produce enough vapor to make a flammable mixture of vapor and air.

According to NFPA criteria, combustible fluids and flammable materials have a flashpoint at or above 100°F. A flashpoint lower than 100°F will cause vapors to ignite faster.

If you have to keep flammable liquids around, consult an expert and get advice on how to ensure safety on your worksite. If you have a certain flammable material, it is recommended that safety cans be used. To reduce static electricity, it is important to store volatile liquids in containers. Static electricity can be created by raising the vapor temperature beyond the flash point.

Final Thoughts

You should always keep a safe container for flammable liquids, and ensure that it is grounded. An experienced company that specializes in flammable liquids can provide more information on which safety containers to use. However, you should be aware of how to store flammable liquids safely before you buy them. This will allow you to transport them and store them properly.

Jacob Lindsey

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