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How To Fix A Broken Metal Bed Frame: Read These Simple Tips


How To Fix A Broken Metal Bed Frame

Bed frames suffer a considerable amount of punishment. First, they carry the mattress’s weight, then yours and probably your spouse’s body weight. Kids even jump on the bed without minding the stress the bed frame goes through.

No matter the quality of your metal bed frame, chances are it can get broken over time. Even though the frame comes built with metal, it won’t last forever.

However, if you have a broken metal bed frame, don’t fret or throw it away. There are ways you can fix that bed frame and make it sturdier.

So, are you ready? Let’s dive in!

Step #1: Ways To Fix Broken Legs Of A Metal Bed Frame 

Metal bed frames that boast legs come in various heights. But then, the height is not what matters the most.

What matters the most is the sturdiness of the metal legs. If the legs aren’t strong enough, they can’t handle the mattress’s and body weight.

That’s why when Choosing the right metal bed frame, it’s advisable to get a super sturdy one. It should handle the bodyweight of two adults and probably, a kid or two.

Now here’s the big question. How can you fix a broken bed frame leg? Sometimes, the broken legs could be one or two. It could also occur in the center of the frame or by the side.

Here’s what you need to do to fix the broken leg of your bed frame.

Support the part of the frame that’s broken with a bunch of books. The reason for this is to equally distribute the weight to all angles of the bed frame. Keep in mind that if the weight is too much on one leg, it could get broken as a result.

Your next step should be to weld the broken leg. If you have sound knowledge about welding and have the needed equipment, do it yourself. Make sure there’s a welding cart with wheels at hand so you can keep your tools within reach. But if you don’t have the necessary tool, hire a professional welder to fix it.

In most cases, the welded bed frame leg might not be as strong as the rest. If that’s the case, you can ask the welder for suggestions on making the leg or portion of the bed frame stronger to avoid repeating the damage incurred. The solution could be to get a fresh metal leg or add a second leg somewhere close to the welded one.

Step#2: Ways To Fix Broken Legs Of A Metal Bed Frame

There are other ways to fix a broken bed leg if you don’t fancy the idea of welding it. Welding would cost a few bucks. Let’s also not forget that it’s a home service. The welder has to transport the welding machine and other tools down to your house.

So, here’s the second step to fix a broken metal bed frame. It doesn’t involve welding.

First, cut a piece of the wood box into the same height as the broken leg. Ensure the wood is 40 mm square or broader. Keep in mind that the wider the wood, the better the support.

The next step is to place the cut wood on a jar lid. Please ensure that the cut wood pipes are up to three for better support.

Now, get a car jack. Use the jack to raise the bed frame to the level where you can conveniently place all three cut wood underneath the bed frame. One of the woods should be on the spot of the metal leg. You can set the other cut wood pieces anywhere you deem fit. That is underneath the bed frame.

Ways To Repair The Broken Slat of A Metal Bed Frame

As the legs, bed slats also bear some degree of load. Slats sit inside the bed frame or mattress foundation. They support the mattresses and body weight. Slats also ensure even distribution of body weight, thus preventing the mattress from sinking.

One thing you should never forget is that slats are not prone to damages. It doesn’t matter whether you bought a top-quality metal bed frame that cost you a fortune. The frame may only last longer. But it won’t last forever.

There are DIY and straightforward ways you can fix a broken metal bed slat. And it’s something you can do by yourself, without the help of a professional. The only stumbling block could be time. So, if you have enough time to spare, here are ways to fix a broken metal bed slat.

Step#1: Take off the mattress:

Your first move would be to take off the mattress from the metal bed frame. Place the mattress on one side of the room. But ensure it doesn’t get in your way while fixing the damaged bed slat.

Step#2: Inspect the broken slat:

The next step is to inspect the crack. What’s the extent of the damage? After assessing the damage, use a rubber mallet to bend the metal.

Step#3: Get your metal brackets ready: 

You would need metal brackets for this process—no need for welding. So, get your metal brackets ready. Please go for the straight ones.

Your metal brace shouldn’t be bigger than the bed slat. Please take note of that.

A Handy Tip: Choose durable and sturdy metal brackets. Ensure they are rust-proof and corrosion-resistant. Most brackets also boast a protective film on their surfaces to help prevent scratches. All these contribute to making the metal bracket long-lasting and appear presentable.

 Step#4: Prepare metal slat for drilling:

You can’t just drill any hole or multiple holes on the bed slat. You only need one hole on both sides, which the screw would pass through.

So, place the metal brackets on the slat and mark the point you think would be ideal for drilling. After the marking, start drilling.

Please use a drill to create the hole. It’s easier, and it would ensure you don’t make the metal slat any weaker.

Step#5: Install the brackets:

The brackets’ job is to hold both parts of the broken metal slat together. And they do a remarkable job of holding the brackets together, firmly.

So, after drilling, install the metal brackets on the metal slat and tighten it firmly.

Step#5: Add a support leg:

Even after installing the metal brackets, the metal slat may require some level of support. The metal brackets may do a good job of holding the broken slats together. But it may not be as strong as before the slats got broken.

So, check the installed bracket and fix the broken slat properly. Now ask yourself this question; do you think it’s strong enough to support the mattress’s weight and your body weight? If yes, then you don’t need a support leg. But if you think otherwise, then get a support leg for your metal bed frame slat.

You can buy a support leg online and fix it by yourself. If repaired correctly, the support leg can ensure the installed metal brackets do their job of holding the slat in place for a longer time.


Fixing a broken metal bed frame is super easy. With the correct information and tool, anyone can get it done. You can also choose the weld your broken metal bed frame. There’s nothing wrong with that.

But, welding won’t be the best option for you if you’re on a tight budget. It would cost money to transport the welding machine down to your house. Moving the metal bed frame to a welding workshop will equally cost money.

The tips shared on this post are super easy. You do not have any reason to break the bank to fix your metal bed frame. So, go through them and use the one most ideal for you.

Jacob Lindsey

Jacob is a home remodeling guru having worked over 15 years in construction in Reno, NV, mainly focused on home renovations. He likes taking ideas from his clients and making them a reality.

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