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Can You Burn Citronella Candles Inside? All You Need To know


Can You Burn Citronella Candles Inside

Aromatherapy is a widespread practice that can help reduce stress and promote relaxation. The citronella candle is a perennial favorite at most summer barbecues and gatherings. 

Most people recognize citronella as a critical ingredient in many natural bug repellents. But can you burn these candles inside? 

That’s the question most people ask when they learn citronella candles are beneficial. But is it safe? And if yes, how to make sure you do it properly? We will explore all these questions in this article, so keep reading.

Can You Burn Citronella Candles Inside?

It is typically not advised to light citronella candles inside for various reasons. Although the aroma is pleasant when the candles burn, these oils may make their way into indoor materials. 

Furthermore, citronella candles have a smoky burn than regular ones; scented candles emit far more smoke and soot than unscented ones. The main issue with citronella candles, like with other scented candles, is that they can contribute to poor air quality when used inside.

What Is Citronella?

Citronella is a fragrant, perennial grass that is used in the manufacturing of essential oils and candles. It’s derived from the grass Cymbopogon nardus, commonly known as lemongrass.

The oil extracted from this plant by steam distillation of fresh leaves has been used for countless years as a natural insect repellent to keep away flies, fleas, ticks, and other pests. You can even use Citronella oil to help repel lice and bed bugs

The plant is native to tropical Asia but now grows in many other tropical areas worldwide, such as South and Central America and Australia. Citronella is popularly planted in backyards. 

How Do They Work?

A Citronella candle is a type of paraffin wax candle that has been infused with citronella oil. This particular blend of oils has a distinct lemon-like scent and is used as an all-natural way to repel mosquitoes. 

These candles are commonly found in outdoor locations such as backyards or porches. Still, they can also be popular inside during the summer months for those who enjoy entertaining guests on their porch or patio.

The smell of citronella is one that the bugs don’t like. They work by releasing a lemon-scented vapor that repels insects. 

The essential oil of citronella is used in most commercial bug repellents. You can burn citronella candles outside your home, though. 

Citronella candles are a great alternative to sprays and lotions since you don’t have to worry about the chemicals on your skin or the smell in your hair for several days after you use them.

The Citronella candles come in various shapes and sizes, from large tea lights to small pillars and even glass jars.

Is It Safe To Use Citronella?

Citronella candles are harmless, clean, and safe. Citronella oil is safe to use on the skin for most individuals, but it can trigger skin allergies in certain people, especially children.

Some safety tips to remember when using this essential oil are;

  • Do not inhale the candle as it can cause some lung-related issues
  • Do not consume the oil orally or otherwise
  • Make sure the space is well-ventilated whenever you use the Citronella candles.
  • Ensure that you use diluted Citronella oil as opposed to a concentrated amount. It could cause allergies to the skin.
  • Keep it out of reach of children and pets.

What Are The Benefits Of Using This Essential Oil?

As A Repellant For Insects

The combination of Citronella and Pine essential oils in this candle helps to make it an excellent repellent against mosquitoes and other flies. 

It has become more popular these days because of its ability to repel mosquitoes because it contains geraniol.

It is now one of the most widely used natural products for this purpose. The pungent aroma of the candle ensures that flies and mosquitoes keep away from you, while the Vitamin B in the candle can even assist in preventing any bites that might occur.

Many people have started using citronella candles, and numerous companies make them in tea lights and other types.

Used In Fragrances

Citronella is a popular essential oil used in making perfumes and candles. It has a sweet scent, and some use it as an aromatic candle. People also use it in perfumes, soaps, and deodorants. 

Many people with citronella candles enjoy using them because they make their space smell good. 

When burned, citronella candles produce a light fragrance that is natural and pleasant smelling. They are also relatively inexpensive, which is a bonus.

As A Fungicidal Agent

One of the leading causes of infection in the human body is fungus. Fungus grows on moist surfaces and can spread to other parts of your body when not controlled. 

Several products are available in the market that helps keep the body free from fungus. Many people have been using citronella candles for this purpose as well. It is one of the most effective ways to keep fungus at bay. 

Research study on the efficacy of citronella candles in controlling the growth of fungus, particularly the Aspergillus niger associated with lung and sinus infection.

 To Cure Parasite Infections

Citronella oil is extracted from citronella grass and treated for different parasitic infections. It is effective in the treatment of scabies and other parasitic skin infections. 

Citronella candles have a chemical called geraniol that is found in citronella plants. The geraniol in the candle will kill these parasites by destroying the plasma membrane, and this then causes a reaction that the parasite cannot survive.

To Aid In Wound Healing

Citronella candles can aid in healing wounds because of their antibacterial properties. When applied to a wound, citronella oil can combat infection and speed up healing.

Citronella oil also helps reduce inflammation and swelling caused by specific injuries and soothe itching due to insect bites. The oil needs to be applied directly to the affected area when used for these purposes. 

To Improve One’s Mood Or Combat Weariness

Citronella oil has a fresh, lemony scent. As a result, it has been used in aromatherapy for many years to treat anxiety and restlessness. It has been shown to help with moods, anxiety, stress, and even depression. 

In addition to Citronella oil, the candle has been made with a range of other ingredients designed to offer extra health benefits. These include Vitamin B1, B6, and B12, vital for a healthy nervous system.

Are Citronella Candles Environmentally Friendly?

Unlike other mosquito repellents, the Citronella candles don’t contain harmful chemicals, making them eco-friendly. 

Indeed, they’re not as effective as DEET-based solutions, but they’re still a better option than spraying harsh chemicals around your yard.

Is Citronella Toxic To Dogs?

Citronella is toxic to dogs and can cause various symptoms, including vomiting and muscle tremors. 

Like any other essential oil, citronella has the potential for toxicity when ingested by your dog. The toxicity comes from specific components of the essential oil. 

And even though citronella is poisonous to dogs, it’s important to note that citronella oil itself is not harmful. 

So, How Do You Use Citronella Oil?

As A Spray

You can add citronella oil to water or use it as a base product for many other creations. And since essential oils do not dissolve easily in water, you could consider adding a dispersing agent such as Solubol. You can then use the solution to spray around the room.

In A Diffuser

The most popular way to use citronella oil is in a diffuser. The great thing about using a diffuser is that it will make your house smell great and keep bugs away for hours. 

Add 5-8 drops of citronella oil to warm water in a diffuser. Use the diffuser for at least 1 hour before going to bed. 

If you have children or enjoy sitting outside on your porch at night, this is the best way to get rid of mosquitoes. 

You can also use it indoors during the day to keep bugs away while you are watching TV or working on the computer.

In Massage Oil Or Cream

It can be used as a massage oil or in your bathwater when you apply it topically. Citronella oil has antibacterial properties, making it an excellent ingredient for creating homemade deodorant sprays and lotions for acne-prone skin.


While citronella candles may not be your typical choice for lighting, they can provide you with a lovely ambiance and, as a bonus, repel mosquitoes. However, it would be best to keep in mind some things when burning citronella candles inside your home.

The scented Citronella candle produces more soot and is smokier than unscented ones. Therefore, it’s advisable to use it inside the house. You can use it only when the space is well-ventilated. 

Just be sure to use caution when burning any candle and keep a fire extinguisher nearby in emergencies.

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