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Why Are Hawks Hanging Around My House? Get The Answers You’re Looking For


Why Are Hawks Hanging Around My House

Do hawks stake out people’s houses? Why are hawks hanging around my house? These are questions that many individuals ask when they see a hawk in their yard. This is not an uncommon occurrence, but there is no reason to worry about it.

Hawks don’t typically pose any danger to humans, and they do have some benefits for the environment that most people aren’t aware of. In this article, we’ll discuss why hawks are hanging around and what you can do to get rid of them.

What Is A Hawk?

A hawk is a predatory bird of the Falconidae family. They are diurnal birds meaning they are active during the day. Hawks have keen eyesight and can spot their prey from a great distance.

They use their powerful talons to catch their prey, including small mammals, reptiles, and other birds. Hawks typically eat their prey whole, which can sometimes be difficult for them to do.

There are many different species of hawks, each with its unique characteristics. Common hawks include the red-tailed hawk, the American kestrel, and Harris’s hawk. Hawks can be found worldwide in various habitats, including forests, deserts, and even cities.

Hawks are a popular bird to watch, and many people enjoy tracking their movements. They are also often used in falconry, which is hunting with raptors.

Why Are Hawks Hanging Around My House?

If hawks are often hanging around in the sky, circling or hovering above your house, they do that is because of a bird feeder close to your home’s roof.

Hawks have an excellent vision and can spot small moving objects easily from far away, like birds feeding on their little seeds at the bottom level of the bird feeder. They can spot birds that are even half a mile away and just go after them in flight to catch their prey.

Hawks are also considered one of the smartest animals compared with other types of flying predators (eagles, falcons). Their eyesight is very sharp, but they have excellent depth perception. They can fly very fast and change direction quickly in the air, making it difficult for prey to escape.

Another reason why hawks might be hovering around your house is that they are looking for a place to perch. Hawks like to sit in high places to watch their surroundings carefully. If there is no tall tree or other elevated spots near your home, the hawk might settle on a roof or chimney.

Hawks may also be hanging around your house because they are looking for prey. If small birds are very abundant in your area (still on the ground, not already dead), you might see a lot of hawks flying around. They can easily spot something moving out there and drive down to catch it right away with their sharp talons.

Interestingly, unlike other large predators like wolves or lions, which hunt for food, these birds of prey are scavengers. They mostly feed on dead animals and will even attack other small-sized birds.

Hawks don’t want to be hanging around your house, but they have no choice if the food supply is abundant near their home territory or hunting ground (wherever that may be).

They are very territorial, so if they see another hawk hanging around your home, there will be a fight for territory. These birds of prey are also aggressive to other smaller animals that might want to take away their food supply, too – like cats and dogs.

One thing you can do is remove the bird feeder on top of your house to discourage hawks from hanging around. Hawks are not harmful to humans, and they will eventually fly away if there is no food supply for them near your home.

How To Get Rid Of Hawks Hanging Around Your House

There are a few ways to get rid of hawks hanging around your house. We will look at the different ways in detail:

Use a predator decoy:

There are a few different types of predator decoys on the market. The most common is the fake hawk or owl. It is important to place these in an open area so the hawk can see them from a distance. The idea is that the hawk will think there is another predator around and leave your house alone.

Use a large dog:

The hawk will try to intimidate the dog, but it won’t be intimidated because of its size. Hawks do not want to get into trouble with big dogs, and they will seek out safer prey elsewhere. Also, ensure that the dog is always around when you are outdoors, so if the hawk does return, then there will be a dog to scare it off.

Use scare tactics:

You can use a few different scare tactics to get rid of hawks. One is to make loud noises, such as clapping your hands or using an air horn.

Another is to wave your arms around and look aggressive. The hope is that the hawk will be scared off and not return.

Shield your bird feeders:

The worst thing you would do is put your bird feeders out and not shield them. Hawks will sit in the trees nearby, waiting for an opportunity to strike when a bird lands on your feeder.

It can be quite hard to get rid of hawks once they start hanging around your house because this spot has become their territory. Shielding your bird feeders is the best way to protect them and keep the hawks away.

Shield perching areas:

Like shielding your bird feeders, you should also shield any areas where your birds like to perch. This could be a tree in your backyard or a pole near your house. Hawks will sit and wait for an opportunity to snatch up a bird, so by shielding these perching areas; you can prevent this from happening.

Eliminate hawk vantage points:

Another way to get rid of hawks is to eliminate their vantage points. This could mean trimming back trees and bushes that give the hawk a clear view of your house or installing a fence around your property. The goal is to make it difficult for the hawk to see what is inside your yard, so it will eventually move on to another area.

Give hawks what they want:

It sounds crazy, but the best way to get rid of a hawk is by giving it what it wants. This means you will need to stop feeding your birds and keep them inside whenever possible. Hawks prey on smaller birds such as sparrows, finches, chickadees, etc., and by eliminating these birds and making it tougher for them to survive, the hawks will move on.

Get a rooster:

Some people swear by getting a rooster to scare off hawks. The idea is that the hawk will think twice about hanging around your house should there be another predator there with its territory.

Use cameras:

If you have a section where you suspect hawks might be nesting, then consider installing cameras near these areas as a way to monitor them. Hawks are very territorial, so if you can get photos of the hawk’s nest or eggs, it might be simpler for you to get rid of hawks in the future.

Use different perches:

Another reason hawks like hanging around your house is that they have found an ideal spot where they can hunt without any disturbance. You will need to find different perches for the hawk and make them uncomfortable in their current location, so they search out a new hunting ground.

Use a scarecrow:

A scarecrow is a great way to get rid of hawks. The idea is that it will look like another predator, and the hawk will be scared off.

You can buy a scarecrow or make your own using an old shirt, hat, and straw. The best scarecrow is one that moves around, so make sure to move it around your property every few days.

Use a reflection to scare them away:

Another way to scare away hawks is with a mirror. The idea here is that you will use the reflection of the hawk to make it look like there are multiple predators around your house, which should cause them to move on.

Avoid ground feeding:

One of the reasons hawks are at your house is that they can see that you are feeding birds on the ground. This makes it easy for them to snatch up a bird, so try to avoid feeding your birds this way. You could do this in several ways, such as using a feeder with a roof or placing food on a platform.

Other hawk deterrents:

There are all kinds of devices that you can buy online to deter hawks from your homes, such as motion-activated sprinklers, ultrasonic noise emitters, and more. If the problem is severe, it might be worth looking into these options to get rid of hawks in your yard.


If you have been wondering, “why are hawks hanging around my house?” then it is probably because they have found an easy spot to hunt. You can do several things to get rid of hawks that are hanging around your house.

Shielding perching areas, eliminating hawk vantage points, and giving them what they want are all effective methods for getting rid of these birds. You can also try using scarecrows, mirrors, or other devices to frighten the hawk away. If the problem is severe, it might be worth looking into some of the more advanced deterrents available online.

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