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How To Remove Window Tint From House Windows: A Detailed Explanation


How To Remove Window Tint From House Windows

House window tints not only make properties more aesthetically pleasing. They offer other amazing benefits.

They keep UV rays at bay while allowing natural light into your home. Window tints also protect privacy. You can see people outside the building, but they can’t see you or your property.

Unfortunately, house window tint won’t last forever. It would help if you changed it after some years. Now, how do you know your window tint needs changing? It’s when discoloration sets in.

One of the issues people have with tints is how to remove them from windows without damaging the windows.

You can hire an expert. You can also do it. Window tint removal is something anyone can do. You don’t have to be a professional or have technical skills.

Continue reading to know how to remove window tint with ease.

House Window Tint Removal: Step By Step Guide

Have your window tints worn out? Use the following method to remove them. After removing the tints, you can decide if you want to install a brand new one or not.

There are many ways to remove home window tint. You will discover the various processes here and decide which is more convenient for you.

Method 1: Dissolving The Adhesive:

One of the ways to remove window tint is by dissolving the adhesive. The adhesive refers to the sticky substance that holds the tint to the window. Without it, the tint won’t stay on the window or withstand the elements of weather.

Here’s what you need for this method:

  • Soap
  • Ammonia
  • Razorblade
  • Blow dryer

Step#1: Focus on the adhesive: 

The adhesive has to go off before you can remove the tint. So you have to channel your energy towards the adhesive.

Make a soapy solution that contains ammonia. Pour the solution into a spray bottle. Then spray the film consistently.

Please note that this process takes time. Therefore, you have to be patient and ensure the film’s entire length and breadth gets sprayed.

Step#2: Loosen the tint from the window:

Pouring soap and ammonia solution on the film will weaken the adhesive. And this would make it easier for the film to come off.

However, if you notice that the tint isn’t coming off, use the blow dryer. The heat from this tool will weaken the adhesive and make pulling the tint from the window easier.

If you don’t have a blow dryer, don’t worry. You can try this process on a sunny day. Please have in mind that the warmer the sun, the easier it would be to remove the tint.

Step 3: Start peeling the tint off the window:

The ammonia and soap solution, combined with the sun’s scorching heat or warmness of the blow dryer, would cause the adhesive to loosen up. When this happens, start peeling the tint off the window.

But take note. Sometimes, the adhesive will loosen a bit, and the tint would come off the window easily. Other times, the adhesive might not dissolve, and the tint would be more challenging to remove.

In this case, you need to continue pouring the soap and ammonia solution on the adhesive. With time, it would dissolve, and the film would loosen up.

Note: When removing tint from a window, be it on your house or car window, patience is key. After applying the adhesive removal, you need to exercise patience. Give the adhesive some time to dissolve. The film will loosen up.

Step 4: Clean up the window:

Don’t just remove the film and leave the window to remain like that. Ensure you wash it thoroughly. You can re-apply ammonia and soap solution to remove the adhesive and tint hanging on the window.

A Handy Tip: If you plan to install a new tint on the window, avoid using an ammonia solution. Instead, get an adhesive removal. Ammonia will make it difficult for the adhesive and tint to stick to the window.

Method 2: The Steamer Method:

The steamer method is simple. All you need is a steamer and water. Let’s explain the process involved.

Step#1: Get your steamer working:

The first stage is to get the steamer working. But first, fill it up with water. Then turn it on. Please check that the steamer is working perfectly before moving to the next stage.

Step#2: Apply heat on the window:

Now that your steamer is ready for use, start applying heat to the window. Direct the steamer to the window’s edge and continue to heat it.

When you apply constant heat, the tint will loosen up a bit. It will loosen up to the point where you can use your fingernails to remove it from the window without hurting yourself.

Step#3: Remove the tint carefully. 

It’s time to take off the tint and take your window back to its original state. The steaming should help to loosen the tint so you can remove it neatly from the window. There won’t be any trace of tint on the window. That’s what it means.

Method 3: Newspaper And Soap:

This process is by far one of the easiest ways to remove tint from windows. It’s also cost-effective. Most of the materials are what you may have at home. An example is an old newspaper and soap.

What you need for this tint removal method is soap, newspaper, a knife or razor blade, a bucket of water, and paper towels.

Step#1: Pour the soapy water on the window:

The first step is to prepare soapy water and sprinkle it generously on the window. Ensure the water gets to every nuke and cranny of the window.

After sprinkling the water, cover the entire length and breadth of the glass with the newspapers.

Step#2: Peel off the newspaper and tint: 

The next step involves using a knife or razor blade. Use either of the tools to peel off the newspaper and then the film layer that’s underneath.

Note: Please do this carefully to avoid damaging the glass window.

Step#3: Remove the remaining layer of the tint:

The final step involves removing any layer of tint hanging on the window. For this, you need to use a razor blade.

Again, it would be best if you moved the blade gently to avoid damaging the window.

Tinted House Windows: The Pros And Cons

When most people hear of window tinting, their minds quickly jump to cars. Most of them completely forget that tinting the windows in their homes have massive advantages. But there are also cons, so let’s not only focus on the positive aspect.

Here Are The Pros Of Window Tinting

Adds more value to your property:

If you’re into real estate, you’ll understand that any upgrade done to your property automatically increases its value. Even if that upgrade is window tinting, it will increase its value.

Homebuyers don’t only focus on the interior of a house. They also consider the exterior. Tinting the windows will add more beauty to your home. And this will provoke buyers to rate and pay more for the property.

Protects your privacy:

Adding tints to the windows is one of the easiest ways to protect your privacy. People outside the building cannot see the people inside the house. Any light that falls on the tinted window is reflected.

The tint acts as a mirror to the people outside the building. But you’ll be able to view their faces and actions while inside your home.

Without the tints, people outside the building can look through the windows to view the house’s occupants and property. If they plan to rob the home, it would be less challenging for them.

 An added layer of security in the home:

Tinting not only makes a property aesthetically pleasing. It also increases the security of the home. The film holds the glass together. So, when there’s an invasion, it won’t shatter the window glass to pieces immediately. The intruder needs to do extra work to gain entry into your home, giving you more time to take action.

Here Are The Cons Of Tinting

Here are the cons of mounting window films.

Warranty issue:

Most window manufacturers do offer mouth-watering warranties. Unfortunately, installing film on the window can void the warranty. So, before installing a film on your window, check if it would render your warranty void.

Reduces sun energy:

If you live in a place that gets little sunlight, and the environment is usually very cold, you would need as much solar energy as you can get.

Unfortunately, window tint reduces the amount of solar energy that gets into your home. And this might force you to start looking for other means to keep your home warm.


Window tints can make your property more aesthetically pleasing. They can also add some level of security and protect your privacy.

Unfortunately, window films don’t last forever. After several years, the elements would have had their way, and the film might start discoloration. When this happens, removing the film becomes the best choice.

We have highlighted several methods of removing house window tint without damaging the window. You can go through them conveniently and use the one most suitable for you.

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Jacob is a home remodeling guru having worked over 15 years in construction in Reno, NV, mainly focused on home renovations. He likes taking ideas from his clients and making them a reality.

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