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Standard Height Of Dining Tables: A Complete Guide


Standard Height of Dining Tables

The finish captures the most attention when shopping for a dining table. But that shouldn’t be the number one priority. The priority should be the dining table height. 

Choose the wrong height, and you may find yourself seeking a replacement or refund. 

The height of dining tables varies. And they have several names, making it easier for buyers to make their choices. The options include a standard height dining, counter, bar, and extra tall.   

We’re going to consider the standard dining table height, including other crucial details that can help you to make the best choice when shopping for a dining table. 

So, are you ready? Alright, let’s start with the question. 

What Is The Standard Height Of Dining Tables?

The dining tables’ standard height is 28 to 30 inches. Chair height considered ideal for standard dining table height is 18 to 23 inches. 

The standard dining table is the most common among the other dining table heights. It’s ideal for a broad range of age groups. In general, it’s what most families go for as it ticks almost all the boxes. 

So that’s the answer to the question on standard dining table height. But there’s more you need to know. So, continue reading! 

Dining Table Height Options And Their Uniqueness

There are various types of dining table heights out there. Each of them also has its uniqueness. 

Here’s a quick look at the various options.

  • Standard height dining table
  • Counter height dining table
  • Bar height dining table
  • Extra-tall height dining table

It’s important to know how each dining table height stands out before making a buying decision. In other words, which among the standard, counter, bar, or extra tall dining table height can fulfill your needs? 

Let’s look at each option quickly. 

Standard height of dining tables:

The standard height is quite popular in most homes. It measures 28 to 30 inches. So, you can settle for 28, 29, or 30 inches. They are all standard height dining tables. 

Standard height dining tables are a wise choice for homes with kids. Your kids can sit and eat at the dining table comfortably. You also don’t have to lift your kids into their seats from time to time since the tables aren’t that tall. 

So, it’s less work for parents, as you would save the energy for other things. Your kids won’t also have difficulties feeding themselves while eating at the dining table. 

For those in wheelchairs, a standard height dining table is a wise choice. It would be as if they’re sitting on a normal chair as other diners. 

Now, where should you place your standard height dining table? It should be in your dining space.

So you can see that the standard height dining table can fit a range of age groups. Because of the height, you can rest your feet on the ground while seated. It doesn’t also require extremely tall dining chairs.

A Handy Tip: If you’re settling for a standard height dining table, dining chair height should range from 18 to 23 inches. 

Counter height dining tables:

These dining tables are much taller than standard height dining tables. They are informal tables modeled according to the kitchen countertop. Their height ranges from 34 to 36 inches. 

The counter-height dining table isn’t an ideal option for kids or people in a wheelchair. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have it mounted in your home. 

This dining table comes in handy in homes that boast informal eating areas. It’s also a wise choice for food prep, all thanks to its height. 

Where should you place your counter-height dining table? This dining table would look amazing in your eat-in kitchen, dining room, or cramped spaces. Its height helps to create a more relaxed look in homes than the standard dining tables. 

The height of this dining table also makes it a great choice for entertaining guests. Your guests can stand or sit while having a drink. 

A Handy Tip: Since counter height dining tables are higher, seat height needs to follow suit. Chair height should be within the range of 24 to 26 inches.  

Bar height dining tables:

These dining tables are much taller than standard and counter height dining. The bar height dining is great for entertainment, as they create a casual environment in your home. 

The bar height dining table measures 41 to 43 inches. So you can choose from this range. This table can also serve various purposes. You can use it as a minibar replica in your home. 

Make your guests feel special while having a drink in your home. The bar height dining table can also convert your room into a unique standing space. 

A Handy Tip: The chair height ideal for bar height dining table ranges from 28 to 30 inches. The dining table is high, so the chairs must be higher. 

Extra-tall height dining tables:

As the name suggests, extra-tall tables are quite high. They’re the type of dining tables you’ll find in contemporary and modern homes

Extra-tall tables measure 44 to 47 inches in height, making them the tallest tables out there. But then, the height isn’t the only thing that makes these tables unique. Extra-tall side tables can add more beauty to your home. 

There are different ways and places you can place your extra tall dining tables in your home. Chairs considered ideal for extra tall dining tables includes those measuring 34 to 40 inches in height.   

What You Need To Consider When Choosing Dining Tables 

The dining table is one of the most-used pieces of furniture in the home. It not only brings family members closer but ensures everyone can eat their meals comfortably. 

However, don’t just splash your cash on any dining table without proper research. Read to know some of the things you need to consider. 

Let’s take a quick look at the various factors. 


Is the dining table height comfortable for every single member of your family? Or do you plan to provide a much smaller dining table for your kids? It’s up to you to decide!

If you’re interested in everyone in your family having their meals on the same dining table, a standard height dining table would be a much better option.

As earlier pointed out, the standard height dining table is ideal for children, including individuals trapped in a wheelchair. They won’t struggle to eat at the dining table because of its height. 

So, standard height dining is a much better option for families with kids. But if you have the means, you can include other dining table height options out there. They might even change your home’s look

A Handy Tip: You should leave 10 to 12 inches of space between the table’s bottom and chair’s seat. 


What dining table width do you have in mind? If you don’t have any, here’s a suggestion for you. Dining table width determines the ease at which you can pass food around on the dining table. It also determines the number of platters you can have on the dining table.

 If you want to make it easier to pass food from one point of your dining table to another, ensure the width isn’t more than 48 inches. 


The standard height dining table is enough for most people. They don’t see any reason to add any other dining table height. 

However, if you’re always receiving guests and want your home to have a bar-like appeal, a bar dining table can do the trick. 

You can have your traditional dining table and the bar dining table on the same property. Just find a suitable place to mount the latter. 


You have seen the standard height of the dining table and all other options on the market. Now it’s left for you to make your choice based on the information shared in this post. 

It’s important to choose the right dining tables in your home. It will ensure your kids and everyone in the family’s comfort while using the dining table. 

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