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How To Hack Dish Network To Get All Channels – Enough With Monthly Payments!


How to Hack Dish Network to Get All Channels

DISH Networks TV is one of the best American television service providers, with its headquarters in Englewood, Colorado.  They offer their customer several packages depending on the amount paid.

Some channels are free in all the packages; these channels you can view even with an expired subscription.  The rest, you would have to pay for every month to view.

Are you tired of making monthly payments for your TV channels and looking for a way out?  Could you find a loophole to get all channels for free? Let us get working;

How To Hack Dish Network To Get All Channels

Every satellite TV network requires a descrambler or decoder to convert the signal from the satellite into a format that you can watch.

If you want to hack the network to access more channels, then the decoder is what you focus on. Initially, you would need a digital TV Unscramble box to get all the channels.

It is an effective way, but it is illegal and prohibited in some countries since it is a form of piracy.  The advancements in technology have brought about software to help with this. 

The most common way to do this is using the Dtb firmware. You can use it on most of the decoders to unscramble your channels so that you can view them for free. 

The best part is, it is completely legal, but it only works if your decoder has a USB port. 

  1. Download the Dtb firmware on your mobile device like cell phone, tablet, or personal computer.
  2. The firmware will most likely be in a zipped folder. Unzip it by double-clicking on it.
  3. Copy the firmware onto a memory card (SD) or a flash disk.
  4. Plug the USB or SD card into the respective port at the back of your decoder.
  5. Turn on your decoder the go to settings, and select the option to upgrade from USB.
  6. A screen will come up, uploading all the necessary data; allow this process to go all the way through. Do not switch off your decoder.
  7. When the process is done, your decoder will restart and scan for the new channels.
  8. Once the scan is done, you will get all the channels, and they will work perfectly if you have a good signal. There will be no scrambled channels.

This is a trick that will work on virtually all decoders, including those from Multichoice like DSTV and Startimes, provided they have a USB port. 

How Does Satellite TV Work?

DISH TV uses satellite services to provide television content.  Satellite TV is a kind of TV programming offered wirelessly to customers using a series of communication satellites and radio signals.

Broadcast signals are sent from the satellites in space to the local TV systems, which then distribute them to subscribed customers.

The satellite dish installed at your house is a special antenna that picks up transmissions from the TV systems and redirects them into your TV. 

The satellite dish is a curved surface that is linked to a central feed horn. The dish is used to focus the signal transmitted by the TV systems into a beam and direct it towards the feed horn. 

The service providers will decide what channels you get access to depending on your paid package. You will be denied access to the channels in case you don’t pay for your subscription.

This is done using encryption and decryption of the data. The video goes through a MPEG encoder at the broadcast station. This converts it to a MPEG-4 video of the correct format and size to play on your receiver.

Compression also occurs at this point, removing irrelevant or redundant data to clear the frames. This reduces the size of the file before it is transmitted. The data is then encrypted to keep customers from using it without paying.

Encryption rearranges data so that you cannot view it without being decrypted. The data is then transmitted to the satellite for dispersal. The satellite’s onboard disk will boost the signal and beam it back to earth for viewers.

You can’t view encrypted data without a decryption key; there is a decryption box in your dish system which receives the key to convert the data back into a viewable form. 

When you fail to pay the bill, the provider blocks the decryption box, so it doesn’t receive the key. The channels will all be available but encrypted; you, therefore, will not be able to watch anything, but you will see the list of all channels in your package.

Once you make the payment, the decryption box will start working again, and all channels in your package will be available to you. For security purposes, the decryption key changes with each subscription.

DISH Network Television Packages

The excellent combination of channels in the various packages is part of why the DISH network is so amazing. Four packages are offered at different prices as follows;

1. America’s top 120

This is the lowest plan, but it still works for the entire family. It will give you 190 networks from all over the globe. TV shows of all genres are represented in this plan. Sports, kid’s television, comedy, and drama are all aired.

You will get free installation, all local channels, and high-quality video. You will also get the premium channels for the first three months and pay a $64.99/mo subscription for 24 months.

2. America’s top 120 plus

This is an upgrade to the basic plan. For $79.99/mo, this is a package for a sports fan that is on a budget. It is full of sports channels; you will catch regional and college sports, basketball, football, baseball, and more.

There are more than 190 channels in this plan, including all local channels. You will get the premium channels for free in your first three months. 

3. America’s top 200

This is the most popular package because of the number of channels it offers despite the subscription fee of 89.99/mo. You will have access to more than 240 channels that will meet the needs of every member of the family. 

4. America’s top 250

This $99.99 package will be worth your money. It has more than 290 channels which give you more choices and entertainment. You will get free premium channels for three months and free installation.

Dish Network Apps

You could want to watch a channel on your TV, but you are traveling, or someone else is using it at the time. Don’t worry about it; you can use the DISH anywhere app to watch on your mobile device.

It will give you full access to all the channels in your package without affecting the decoder. You can log in by pairing your device with your hopper.

To do this, you have to ensure that your phone and hopper connect to the same network.

  1. Go to the menu and click on the settings button. In the next window, click on the internet button to see the network on which your hopper is connected.
  2. After confirming the network is similar, launch the DISH anywhere app on your device.
  3. Log into your account and select the on-screen pairing option.
  4. The next window will provide you with all the available hoppers; select the one you want to link your device.
  5. Your TV will provide you with a security PIN. There is a field for you to enter the PIN on your mobile device and click on ‘pair.’
  6. You will be able to watch using the app on your phone any time you have a stable internet connection.

You can still log into your DISH anywhere account when you have forgotten your password. The process is a bit different but equally simple.

  1. Make sure your mobile device is connected to the same network as your hopper. Go to the menu, click on the settings button then the internet to see the hopper details.
  2. Open the DISH anywhere app on your mobile device, scroll down and select the option to find a hopper.
  3. In the previously opened internet window, there is an IP address for your hopper. Enter this address in the field provided on the phone and click on ‘continue.’
  4. Your TV will then display a PIN, enter the pin into your device and then click on ‘pair’ to log into DISH anywhere.


DISH Network offers you television channels that will satisfy a wide range of viewing demands. There are sports channels, movies, kid’s programs, and so much more. The problem has always been that you have to make payments to view all the channels.

With the Dtb firmware upgrade, you can watch the channels without paying. All you have to do is upgrade your decoder using Dtb, and you are set. This is safe and legal for all decoder users.

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