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How To Cover A Closet Without Doors: The Best Non-Traditional Options


How To Cover A Closet Without Doors

Today, many apartments come in small rooms. Removing the closet doors is more of a necessity than decoration. It’s because the hinged closet doors take up a lot of space, making it hard to operate in the room. 

You will have to constantly push or slide the doors from side to side to get what you are looking for. If your closet is open, you will surely want to cover it to hide the mess. 

The common closet door types are wooden sliding doors, regular hinged doors, etc. The traditional closet doors are great on their own, but because they are too common, some people find them boring. 

The primary function of the closet doors is to hide the clutter and clothing. However, there are other amazing covering alternatives other than the closet door.

How To Cover A Closet Without Doors

There are several ideas for decorating a room that has an open closet. The ideas will guarantee you a lot of space and give your room a unique touch that you can’t get from the conventional style. It includes things like curtains, folding screens, French doors, etc

Here is the list of the perfect non-conventional closet door styles.

1. Curtains  

The curtains sound and seem rustic, but they are pretty. Curtains are not only perfect alternatives for showers and windows; they are also great closet doors alternative. 

The curtains are among the most common closet door covers in many homes. In addition to simplicity, curtains have other benefits like easy installation, taking little space, and coming in varying styles. 

Curtains are also easy to customize, and you can choose the fabric you love. The curtains are not transparent; they will perfectly protect your things. 

The one thing you can do to boost your style is add to your retentions. To give it a more youthful look, you can add ribbons. If you want something daring, you can consider curtains with striking colors. 

2. Cascade of beads

It was a very popular option in the past, but it quickly regained its popularity in today’s market. The curtains are made of cords that contain beads all along. 

Therefore it creates a certain type of barrier. The beads curtain is ideal for separating the main area and closet room. 

If you are a retro-style enthusiast, then the curtain with a cascade of colors will amaze you. They also come in several designs, patterns, and beads of different materials and sizes.

3. Folding Screens

A foldable screen is a practical option that decorates your room and can be applied to various fields. Foldable screens are simply a series of sheets connected by foldable hinges. 

The folding screens can act as a closet door or false walls. The folding screens are more popular in Asia, also their place of origin. In Asia, they have used dressing room walls.

4. Room Dividers  

The room dividers are similar to the folding screens. The room dividers are simple, and they divide spaces with no doors or walls. You can install them on the wardrobes for protection and privacy with creativity. 

The great thing about the room dividers is that they can work on almost all occasions. Like the folding screens, the room dividers will offer you space from which you can privately change your clothes. 

The sheets are also ideal for small rooms since they are thin and do not require much space. Therefore, they won’t distract your movement.

In addition, the room dividers are not as common as folding screens and will thus appear as an exotic possession in any room or home. 

5. Sliding Doors 

The other perfect alternative to the traditional doors is the sliding door on a rail. The sliding door is similar and functions to those in barns and sheds; it will allow you to save your front space when opening. 

The sliding door comes with a unique rustic style that you can improve by building it with wood.

6. Swinging Doors

The swinging door is not the most popular option, but you can always choose a swinging door similar to those in canteens. The swing doors easily swing, and this makes them effortless to open. 

The only problem is that swinging doors can get on your way in some situations. However, you can consider a unique door closet cover design.

7. Glass Doors 

The glass doors are perfect for walk-in closets. The glass doors can fit in almost all styles and are generally very clean construction materials. 

The glass doors are usually transparent, but certain treatments will make them opaque. The glass doors also work with all frames; you can use metal or wood frames

8. Pocket Door

The pocket door functions as the traditional sliding door. The difference, however, is that instead of hiding behind a wall or door, the pocket door slide inside the wall. 

Therefore, you will love and enjoy the walk-in closet. The pocket door operation is quite simple and ideal for those who do not want to install traditional door systems. 

The door is installed through a hidden trail between the wall’s outer layers. Therefore, the door will not occupy extra space when you open it, making it ideal for a room with a lot and little space.

9. French Doors 

The French doors are not traditional closet doors. However, the doors create a luxurious style and are well organized. 

The French door consists of a pair of plates with crystals and opens in a traditional way which is swinging. 

Do Rooms Need Closet Doors

Most people believe that closets need to have doors. However, some people buy houses with no closet doors, and others hate the closet doors. The closet doors in a room are not mandatory. 

Today, people embrace home designs that do not include traditional closet doors. However, the closet doors are usually a matter of taste and preference. 

Why Do People Remove Closet Doors 

If you love your closet with doors, stick to the traditional doors. However, there are many reasons to abandon the closet door in modern homes. Some of the drawbacks of these closet doors are:

  • Need to repair:  The closet doors usually have broken hinges and handles, which you will constantly have to repair. If your wardrobe lacks doors, you won’t have to deal with such issues. 
  • Furniture arrangement: The movement or door swing might interfere with or limit your furniture arrangement. You won’t be able to arrange the room how you like.
  • Limits your room’s space: You will have enough space without the closet door. You can surely set up a workspace with a computer desk, or even add a sewing machine, etc. The doors usually take space, and this makes your room appear smaller. The room and closet won’t be that helpful if the door is on the way. 
  • The door also interrupts movement in the room, especially when left open. 
  • The door hides the closet, which some people prefer because it hides their mess. However, the modern designs focus on beautifying the storage spaces. Plus, today, most people are proud of their closets and want to showcase their hard work. 

Are Closet Doors Outdated

The closet doors aren’t outdated. The doors offer a good and sensible look that might not be trendsetting, but it isn’t bad. 

Today there are amazing décor trends that are extending to the closet space. When it comes to closet doors, you need to select the design and style that makes you happy. 

How To Make Your Close Look Nice Without Doors

The most important rule for closets without doors is organization. If your closet does not have a door, you need to arrange it with an impeccable system immaculately. 

The purpose of the door is to hide the closet’s clutter and mess. There are several great tips for arranging and beautifying your closet space. They include: 

  • Decluttering: You need to reduce the clothes in the wardrobe. Having twenty spring jackets in the wardrobe will make things messy. You can get organized enough with such an amount of clothing. 
  • Use storage boxes: Roll the light clothes and put them into them; you can also put your accessories in the boxes. 
  • You can use the coordinating hangers to add a cohesive look to the closet. 
  • Maximize your closet space:  There are several, usually several dead spaces in your wardrobe. It can be on the sides of the wall, at the bottom of your hanging clothes, etc. Use the space, add shelves where necessary, and put good use of the vertical leftover space. 
  • You can store your closet stuff somewhere else, like under the bed. Alternatively, you can consolidate the mess into one place, which will help you maintain a clean and beautiful closet. 


The traditional closet doors are best for hiding the mess of your room; however, they have their disadvantages. Today many people are choosing closet designs with doors. 

The open design floor plan has popularized closets without doors. You are not alone if you think of removing the door from your closet; it’s a common trend today. 

However, if your closet lacks a door, you have to arrange it appealingly. You can use other options in place of the closet doors, such as curtains, beads, etc. 

Jacob Lindsey

Jacob is a home remodeling guru having worked over 15 years in construction in Reno, NV, mainly focused on home renovations. He likes taking ideas from his clients and making them a reality.

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