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Reclining Chair For The Elderly: A Guide


Reclining Chair For The Elderly

If you need a chair where you can relax with maximum comfort, then a reclining back design is what you need. They allow you to set the position of the furniture so that you can relax or watch TV. Let us analyze the main modifications of such models and tell you what to pay attention to when choosing.

What Are Reclining Chairs?

A recliner chair is a unique piece of furniture that can turn into a comfortable chaise longue in a second when the transformation mechanism is activated. The back of the product leans back, and the footrest holds the reclining position. The design created taking into account the anatomical features of the human body supports the spine and relieves unnecessary tension. For the first time, a furniture novelty appeared in the nineteenth century in England. Modern recliners are equipped with advanced transformation mechanisms, additional options: massage, thermoregulation, built-in radio.

How To Choose The Right Recliner Chair

When choosing a recliner chair, the risk of tipping over should be excluded. The most stable supports have the shape of a cylinder or a metal disk. The parameters of the recliner chair in folded and unfolded form should correspond to the area of free space in the room: if compact housing, a small armchair is required – the size is sufficient (W x D x H): 84 x 75 x 103 cm (33 x 29.5 x 40.5 in).

Having decided to buy a recliner chair, it is important to take into account your own dimensions. The model range of adjustable furniture includes products for people of different heights. Owners of miniature forms will need a model with a seat height of 42 cm (16.5 in).

Upholstery also matters. The stores offer various upholstery recliners: fabric, microfiber, natural or artificial leather. Microfiber creates a feeling of comfort, leather chairs – luxury, chic, fabric coverings are cheaper in price. The removable case supplied in the kit is an additional plus. The protective coating will simplify the care procedure for the recliner chair.

Types Of Recliner Chairs

Relaxation furniture is usually classified according to the criteria:

  • A computer chair with a retractable or unfolding footrest from under the bottom of the chair.
  • A couch. The footrest serves as a continuation of the seat.
  • Full-fledged massager. The model is equipped with massage rollers and various vibration modes.
  • Glider – silent furniture with a pendulum mechanism for rolling chairs and banquettes.

Mechanical Characteristics

Recliner chairs can be frameless, support, modular.

In the first case, the folding mechanism is installed on wooden beams of the furniture frame, ensuring synchronization of movement. The supporting mechanism is equipped with its own base; the elements of the chair support the body. Modular office recliners are equipped with separate elements: an armchair and a banquette.

Type of control

1. Recliner chair mechanical

The simplest and most affordable kind of recliner chair for the home allows you to change the position of the backrest mechanically – it is enough to press on the back of the furniture and then reduce the angle of inclination by means of a lever.

2. Recliner chair with electric drive

Chairs with electric control can easily change position by pressing a button on the remote control once. The best sellers’ offers allow you to buy a recliner chair for two positions, as well as models that ensure smooth adjustment. Furniture with the function of memorizing popular items will cost more in price.

3. Touch control

The contacts responsible for controlling the recliner chair are hidden in the armrests. By pressing on the left armrest, the backrest assumes a recumbent position. To the right – returns to the previous position. Additional functions of “smart furniture” are equipped with a seat heating function, radio, player.

4. How to assemble a recliner chair

  • Install the backrest on the guide bases or fastening to the frame by means of bolts
  • Install the control knob. Checking the operability of parts
  • Place the cover (if the part is provided with a complete set)
  • Cover the headrest, armrests, seats with soft pillows, using fasteners and Velcro

5. It is also easy to disassemble the compact recliner chair; you will need:

  • Remove soft pillows
  • Unfasten the protective covers
  • Flip the chair over
  • Unscrew the bolts securing the lifting mechanism to the wooden parts of the frame
  • Unbutton the pillows and change the inner filler if necessary

Before assembling, disassembling furniture, you should read the manufacturer’s instructions.

Pay attention to the website where are the tips for home improvement.

Recliner For The Elderly

The recliner is a kind of transformer designed for easy change of body position. Such a piece of furniture can take different positions: lying, reclining, sitting, and half-sitting. In addition, good models have a remote control.

Most often, recliner chairs differ in upholstery fabric, control method, design, size, and additional options. For example, products can have heating, massage, and other features.

The back of the furniture should have height adjustment – for maximum comfort during rest and other needs. The modern range offers models that have built-in aromatherapy and other exotic options.

Recliner for the Elderly with Electric Drive

Recliner chair can have the following adjustment:

  • Built-in mechanism located in the frame of the chair. The footrest of such models is put forward in the form of a “book” or is laid out according to the “dolphin” principle.
  • Base adjustment. This option means a model that can rotate 360 degrees around its base. This option makes it possible to keep your head and back in the right position.
  • Adjustment by means of a modular mechanism. This design is most often found as part of a sofa rather than separately and installed in the corner part.

Electric Recliner For The Elderly

The recliner has a footboard, but the ways to activate it may vary:

  • Sensor
  • Mechanics
  • Electric drive

If a pensioner needs help when lifting from a recliner, then there are models with built-in lifts. Such a device will help to stand up safely, gently pushing, repeating the movements of the body.

The recliner chair should not have excessive depth. A high backrest and padded armrests are required. It is also necessary to adjust its width so that the elderly do not have clamps when bending the knees. You can also choose a model that will be equipped with additional functions: a secure lock, a double shutter (protects against distortions), a footrest (adjustable).

More Criteria For Choosing A Recliner Chair

Depending on the requirements, the same chair for different people can be both comfortable and uncomfortable.

  • To relax the muscles of the back and buttocks, the seat should slightly sink back. If the seat is positioned strictly horizontally, then more pressure is exerted on the coccyx, which does not allow you to relax.
  • The seat height should not exceed 50 cm (19.7 in), but also not be lower than 40 cm. But these parameters are very individual and depend on a person’s height. The seat depth is 50-60 cm, and the width is 50–70 cm (19.7–27.5 in).
  • The larger the size of the seat, the more likely it is that there should be cushions or additional pillows under the back and arms. Otherwise, it will be uncomfortable to sit.
  • For a relaxation chair, the backrest angle is considered normal if it is 120 degrees or more.
  • A high back is needed to support the neck and head. If the chair is designed for the “reclining” position, then a low back will do.
  • The armrests should be positioned at such a height that the shoulders are not raised. If the armrests are too high and wide, the shoulders and neck will quickly get tired.
  • Especially for the elderly, it is important to have a running board.
  • For children, choosing a comfortable chair is a matter of safety: not high, without the possibility of pinching an arm or leg, stable.
  • If the chair is designed for a person of high stature or heavyweight, then he should definitely try it in the store. Although this advice should be applied to everyone. After all, if the furniture under you is bent, staggered, then it can hardly be called reliable.
  • When buying recliner models with manual or automatic mechanism, be sure to assemble-disassemble them or work with the remote control yourself before buying.
  • If there are animals in the house, it is reasonable to choose vandal-proof Scotchgard, microfiber, or flocks as upholstery.
  • Recliners are convenient in a large living room or a small apartment.


The time of monolithic chairs “like everyone else” is a thing of the past. Thanks to a huge number of manufacturers, you have the opportunity to purchase comfortable chairs for every taste. You have learned about all the features of reclining chairs and will be able to find a suitable solution using the information provided above. Pensioners are very important chairs in which they can sit down from a standing position, as it is very convenient and comfortable.

With so many types of lift chairs on the market, it’s obvious the choice is not that easy to make. Fortunately, here’s an informative article that contains all-encompassing top lift chairs brands analysis.

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