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What Happens If You Put Ice In A Deep Fryer? : The Fascinating Fact


What Happens If You Put Ice In a Deep Fryer

This is a fascinating topic.  Why should someone think of putting ice in a deep fryer? Generally, humans are so curious. We love to experiment and discover new things.  

Water and oil have never been harmonious, even at room temperature. Think about ice and hot oil. In thermodynamics, the answer is described in terms of the specific heat capacity. Here is a detailed response to the question.

What happens if you put ice in a deep fryer?

When ice is put in a deep fryer with hot oil, a vigorous reaction occurs. This reaction is characterized by splashing, popping of the oil, and an explosion. The size of the explosion is dependent on the amount of ice added to the deep fryer.

Types Of Ice

Ice comes in two different forms; regular ice and dry ice. It’s pretty hard to note the differences between dry and normal ice with just a look. 

The significant difference comes from how they are made.  The regular ice is made by freezing water under extreme temperatures. 

While the dry ice is made from carbon dioxide gas, the carbon dioxide gas is compressed under extreme temperatures. 

However, they are both used as coolants. Regular ice is common, used primarily by humans in drinks and beverages. 

Dry ice is more prevalent in the shipment industry. It’s used in the preservation of perishable goods such as fruits. 

How Oil Reacts With Regular Ice

Oil and hot water do react vigorously. When one is added into the other, they do separate violently. How water reacts with hot oil is the same way it reacts with a grease fire.

The primary cause of the vigorous reaction between regular ice and hot oil is the vast temperature difference. 

Deep fryers run up to 300 to 375 degrees, while ice starts to freeze at 35 degrees. Therefore there is a temperature difference of about 300 degrees. 

Under normal circumstances, ice starts to melt when exposed to any heat. When ice is put in a deep fryer with hot oil, it tries to expand into steam. Due to the sudden urge and limited space to expand, the ice and oil become explosive. 

How Oil Reacts With Dry Ice

The reaction between dry ice and boiled oil is less violent. There is almost zero reaction. It’s not different from that of placing a piece of meat in the hot oil. 

When the dry ice is placed into boiled oil, the solid carbon dioxide turns to gaseous carbon dioxide.  If you take the dry ice from the deep fryer, you will see gas been left off by the piece. 

Can Someone Cook Frozen Food With A Deep Fryer?

Yes, most people do put frozen food directly in the fryer. However, it would be best to read the user’s manual guide to understand how the fryer works. 

As much as the frozen food might look dry, they do contain some percentage of water. Frozen meat or chicken has about 7-10% of the water that remains in the liquid state. 

This means that when frozen food is introduced into the fryer, the liquid water will undoubtedly interact with the oil. We know water and hot oil are not buddies.  The reaction might include splattering of oil or even fire. 

Could A Dry Ice Bomb Be Used To Put Out A Fire?

Yes, it can be used to put out a small fire, such as the wastebasket fire. In cases of large fires, the amount of ice bomb required is quite much. This makes the use of ice bombs expensive compared to water. 

Plus, it’s not that effective in putting out large fires. The carbon dioxide quickly mixes with other gases when exposed to the atmosphere and becomes useless.

What To Do If You Accidentally Put Ice In A Deep Fryer

The first safety measure, water or ice, should never be placed near the deep fryer. However, if you accidentally put water into the deep fryer, your first reaction should be moving far away from the fryer. 

It’s because when the ice hits the hot oil, the immediate reaction might be an explosion. The closer you are to the fryer, the more the chances of getting injured by the fire.

In case the fryer catches fire that is containable, smoother it using the deep fryer’s lid. Try and break the connection between the flames and the oil. However, if the fire burns out into big flames, quickly get you to safety and call for assistance.

Deep Fryer Safety Tips

A deep fryer is essential kitchen equipment. It makes cooking easier and more fun. Handling the deep fryer can be intimidating at times for first-timers. It’s also intimidating when you start thinking about the many things that could go wrong with it. 

Regardless, kitchen accidents do happen once or twice. The accidents may or may not involve the fryer. For safety, here are some valuable tips that will help to guide you when using the fryer. 

Always use protective equipment

Most deep fryers do come with protective equipment. They will keep you safe from popping oil. If the food is dry, you won’t have to worry about popping. The equipment becomes handy when you accidentally put wet food in the fryer.

Fire extinguisher

Most homes do not own a fire extinguisher. An extinguisher will be a great addition to your home. It increases your safety and that your family’s as a whole. 

The extinguisher will not only be limited to deep fryer safety. It can be used anywhere in the house, from the kitchen to the store. 

In case of a grease fire, using water will worsen the situation. A fire extinguisher will be so valuable for such a situation. Fire extinguishers are cheap and easy to use. You can buy it from Amazon or your local stores.

Have a lid

When using the deep fryer, the lid is not much needed and won’t affect the dryer’s effectiveness. 

It’s advisable to always have something in your hand that can cover the fryer in case of a grease fire. Smothering is the first and best step of preventing the fire from spreading further. 

Place the deep fryer in a clear surrounding

The deep fryer temperature reaches up to 375 degrees. Please keep it away from dishes, chemicals, and any utensils made from plastic. It should also be placed far from a water source.  

Do not deep fry wet food

Make sure the food is dry before introducing it in a deep fryer. Pat down the vegetables to rid of any moisture. 

Alternatively, you can dry them over the sun.  Carefully read the instructions manual before deep frying frozen foods. 

Grease Fire

Research shows that cooking equipment is responsible for most home fires. About 2/3 of fire incidents are caused by a grease fire. 

Grease fire occurs when oil overheats. It boils, removes smoke, and does catch fire. Once the oil starts to smoke, it takes less than 30 seconds to catch fire. Putting of the grease fire is quite hard. What you do to put out the fire can work in your favor or cause more harm. 

In The Event Of A Grease Fire

Never use water

Water acts as added fuel. When poured into the fire, it instantly evaporates, increasing the size of the flames. 

Turn off the source of heat

However, while doing this, do not move the fryer or stove. The fire might splash to your hands or other surfaces of the kitchen. 

Be cautious, and if the fire has already compromised the source of heat, try putting it out using other means.  

Use a lid

It helps to cut the supply of oxygen. This is the best precautionary measure to take, but that’s if the fire is containable. If it is vast and out of control, call the fire department through their toll-free number 911.

Use the fire extinguisher

This should be the last resort. The extinguishers do contain chemicals that can contaminate the kitchen. 

There are different types of fire extinguishers. Ensure to use the right type to prevent further chaos.

How to prevent a grease fire

Always stay in the kitchen and avoid distractions such as televisions and mobile phones. Keep a clean and keen eye on the fryer. 

If you notice any signs of smoke, reduce the heat or immediately turn off the fryer. Always place food slowly in the fryer to prevent splattering of grease.


The reaction between ice and water is so vigorous because of the temperature difference. Introducing ice to oil is not the smartest thing for one to do. 

Fires caused by the ice/water can lead to more destructions and injuries if not quickly and efficiently managed. 

However, if you need to experiment, ensure you are in a safe place. Free from people, it should have enough space for movement in case of an explosion.

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