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Is Shaving With A Knife Even Possible? Read To Find Out


Is Shaving With A Knife Even Possible

To many people, shaving with a knife is a weird act. Only the use of hair clippers and razor blades isn’t odd.

When people shave their beard or body hair with a knife, some may consider it a norm since it took place in the movies. When done in real life, shaving one’s body hair or beard with a knife is deemed disgusting. 

The fact is you can shave with a knife. Most people even prefer using a knife to shave their beards to using a razor blade. Why? A razor blade can cause burns, which can be painful. 

So, in general, shaving with a knife isn’t a weird act. A knife’s primary purpose is to cut fruits, meat and vegetables. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use it to shave your body hair or beards. 

However, not every knife is fit for shaving. Keep that in mind. 

Now that you know that it’s possible to shave with a knife, let’s discuss other things you need to know the process.

Continue reading for an in-depth understanding of this topic. 

Can You Shave With A Knife Injury And Pain-Free?

 Yes, you can. But that would depend on several factors. If your knife weren’t sharp enough, it would be tougher to cut through your beard or body hair. 

A razor blade can cut through beard or body hair with such ease because it’s sharp. A razor’s edge is also less than 15 degrees. All these combine to make razors a wise choice for shaving. But then, that doesn’t mean they are the best option.

So, if you want a neat and pain-free shave, keep your knife super sharp. You should also learn to hold the blade at a good angle. And it would help if you kept your face moist. You can pour warm water on your facial or body hair and wipe it before you start shaving. Don’t apply any oils on your beard or body hair before shaving. Use paraben-free or chemical-free oils. 

It’s also advisable to use a pocket knife or one with a smaller-sized blade for shaving. The smaller the blade, the easier it would be to control the knife. Smaller knives would also pack a bigger punch than larger knives when used for shaving.

Factors To Consider Before Shaving With A Knife

Yes, you can shave your body hair or beard with a knife. But here’s the big question. Can you shave with any knife? No. That’s the short answer. 

There are certain conditions a knife has to satisfy for it to be useful for shaving. Let’s look at each of these factors. 

Consider the blade’s sharpness:

 How sharp is the blade? Is it razor sharp? If it’s not, you better find a means to sharpen the knife before you start shaving. Using a razor-sharp knife will make shaving a breeze. You’ll enjoy a smooth shave with no or less pain during shaving. 

Condition of the blade:

What’s the blade’s condition? Is it rusty or dusty? If there’s any sign of rustiness on the blade, avoid using such a knife on your skin. Rusting will also make the blade’s edges blunt. Meaning you can’t get a clean shave with such a knife. Dust is an easier problem to fix. But ensure there’s no form of dirt or dust on your blade before using it.

Consider the hallowing: 

This is another crucial factor to consider, especially when using a pocket knife. Your knife’s hallowing will determine whether it’s ideal for shaving or not. Pocket knives boast a varied degree of hollowing. But keep this in mind. If your blade boasts a 10 – 15 degrees angle, you can comfortably use it for shaving. If the angle is higher than this range, you won’t be able to use the blade for saving.

The blade’s dimension: 

How wide and long is your knife’s blade? You have to re-assess the knife you intend to use for shaving before you start the process. Let’s assume you plan to use a pocket knife to shave. The blade’s ideal length should be 5 – 15 centimeters or 2 to 6 inches. What about the wideness? Width of 5/8 is a good choice. Keep in mind that if the blade happens to be too long or wide, the knife would be an arduous task to control while shaving. 

The blade’s weight: 

When planning to use a knife for shaving, weight is one of the factors that you shouldn’t leave out. So, what’s the weight of the blade you intend to use? Is it light or heavy? A blade’s mass would determine things like pressure one needs to apply during shaving, including the knife’s control. A lightweight blade would require more pressure and vice versa.   

Things You Should Know Before Shaving With A Knife

When shaving with a knife there are three things you have to consider. First is the neatness of the shaved area. It must be as smooth as though you used a razor blade. 

Next is having an injury-free shave. No one would like to have a cut on the face or body after shaving with a knife.

Finally, the process has to be pain-free. The reason most people have their reservations about knife shaving is that it can be painful. But this can only happen if the knife isn’t sharp enough. 

So, before you start shaving with a knife, you need to understand the following.

You need patience:

 If you’re in a hurry, there’s no reason why you should shave with a knife. Why? Knife shaving takes time. You also need patience because you have to spend some quality time on each area to get a clean shave. 

Pay Close Attention When Shaving: 

You need to place your knife at the right angle and apply enough pressure while shaving. Compared to the use of razor blades, knives are never the easiest to control. Therefore, you must give 100% focus when shaving with a knife. Any distraction could prove costly.

Hold your nose up while shaving:

 If you want a smooth and painless shave, try holding your nose up for some seconds. This will taut the upper lip, giving room for a smooth, effortless, and painless stroke. Again, when shaving your neck, shave it along the grain. 

A Handy Tip: You can’t just pull out a knife and start shaving. You have to prepare the area before you start shaving. Use shaving cream to serve as a lubricant. And ensure you don’t shave areas without shaving cream. 

Consider the hot shower treatment: 

Even if you’re not a fan of hot showers, get it done because of the knife shaving. Having a hot shower before shaving will do you a world of good. It opens up the pore spaces in the skin and softens your beard. Dip a clean towel into hot water and wrap it around your face. Keep the towel around your face until it cools down. 

Use natural pre-shave products:

 Consider applying paraben-free oil and chemical-free products on your skin. Opt for things like coconut, jojoba, camellia, and sunflower oil, as these would guarantee you excellent results. You can apply the products to your skin with a brush or your fingers.    


Yes, you can shave with a knife. You can even use a kitchen knife, pocket knife, and bowie knife. Knife shaving is almost similar to using a razor blade. It even boasts several advantages. 

For instance, you won’t suffer razor burn when you shave with a knife. You can also use your knife repeatedly.

However, before using any knife to shave your body hair or beard, ensure it is razor-sharp and clean. You also need to ensure that rusting hasn’t set in.

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