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How To Take Off Ceiling Light Cover Like A Pro


How To Take Off Ceiling Light Cover Like A Pro

Does your ceiling light cover need cleaning? Or perhaps, it’s time to change the bulb. Unfortunately, you don’t know how to take off ceiling light cover. 

Anyway, removing a ceiling light cover is quite an easy thing to do. But you still have to be extremely careful to avoid damaging the cover itself. 

Most people may want to hire an electrician for such a task. But here’s the thing. You don’t need an electrician to take off your ceiling light cover. You also do not need any special tool besides a pair of gloves and a ladder. 

So, if you’re eager to remove your light’s cover to have it cleaned or perhaps, change the spoilt bulb, this post is for you. 

Read and learn as we provide information on how you can remove the cover of your ceiling light like a pro. 

Types Of Ceiling Light Fixtures

Different ceiling lights exist. And you can tell the differences by what’s holding each light’s cover in place. You’ll find ceiling lights with screws, without screws, and ones with clips. 

You need a different approach when removing the cover of each light. And have at the back of your mind that all three lights’ covers are easy to take off. You also don’t require a special skill set or technical ability to take down ceiling light covers. 

Quickly, let’s explain how to take down the cover of each ceiling light. 

How To Take Off Ceiling Light Cover With Screws

Ceiling light covers with screws are popular. And what’s most interesting is that you don’t need screwdrivers to remove the light’s cover. What you need are gloves and a firm step ladder that can hold your weight. You can even use a stool in place of a ladder. Just ensure you reach the light comfortably and unscrew the cover. 

Now let’s discuss the steps in detail. 

Required tools:

  • Step ladder
  • Hand gloves

Step#1: Setup the self-standing ladder:

You have to position your stepping ladder where you can reach the ceiling light with ease. Please ensure the ladder is strong enough to carry your weight. If you’re not sure of this, ask someone to hold the ladder in position. Otherwise, get a better ladder or seek other options. 

You can also use a strong chair if you don’t have a self-standing ladder. You can even place two chairs on top of each other to get to the ceiling light and unscrew the cover. 

Step#2: Put on your gloves:

You don’t need your gloves on while climbing the ladder. Wear them when you get to the top. Use garden gloves or mechanic gloves. Either of them would get the job done. 

However, you don’t have to use gloves if the ceiling light cover is clean, though chances are it could be dirty. 

So, if the light cover is clean, use your bare hands. The reason for using a glove is to protect your hands from dirty and get some traction. 

Step#3: Support the light cover:

Regardless of the material that your glass cover is made of, make sure you support it with one hand when unscrewing the knob.

The knob is what holds the light cover firmly in place. So, when unscrewing it, have in mind that the cover can either land on you or go straight to the ground. And allowing a glass material to fall from such a height to the ground won’t be good. 

So, use one hand to unscrew the knob and use the other to support the light cover. And when unscrewing the knob, do it gently. Doing so will enable you to pay more attention to the light cover and prevent it from falling off your hand. 

Step#4: Loosen the knob:

If you have succeeded in supporting the light cover, start unscrewing the knob. Use your weaker hand to hold the light cover while you unscrew the knob with the other hand. 

Step#5: Secure the washer:

The washer’s job is to keep the light cover in place. You’ll find it on most light covers after unscrewing the knob. 

However, if the ceiling light doesn’t have a washer, move to the next stage. Not all ceiling lights come with a washer anyway. 

Step#6: Take off the ceiling light cover:

The knob is off, likewise the washer. It’s now time to remove the light cover. All you need is to pull the cover a bit, and it will come off. Please ensure you don’t apply too much pressure or pull too hard. 

Alright, bravo! You have succeeded in taking off the cover on your ceiling light with a screw. You can now start cleaning the cover or replace the bulb. After that, get the cover fixed using the same procedure used in unscrewing it. 

How To Take Off A Ceiling Light Cover Without Screw

We have discussed how to remove the cover from the ceiling light with a screw. Now let’s discuss how to remove the cover from the light without a screw. 

These types of lights don’t come with knobs. You will only find the cover fitted into the light’s sitting. 

Let’s discuss the process in detail. 

Step#1: Get a robust self-standing ladder:

Get a ladder that will enable you to reach the ceiling light and remove the cover without putting yourself at risk or under avoidable pressure. 

Don’t have access to a ladder? No worries. You can use a firm chair or stool. 

Step#2: Put on your gloves:

It’s time to wear your gloves. Unlike when removing a ceiling light with a screw, you need to wear your gloves while removing the cover from light without a screw. 

The gloves will help increase traction, making it easier to rotate and remove the cover from the ceiling light. 

A Handy Tip:  Put your gloves in your pocket while moving up the ladder. When you get to the top, you can put them on. Again, if you’re not comfortable carrying the gloves while climbing, you can ask someone to give them to you when you reach the top of the ladder or stool. 

Step#3: Unscrew the light cover:

If you have gotten the right balance on the ladder or platform you’re standing on, start unscrewing the light cover. 

Please take note. This type of ceiling light doesn’t have a knob. So, it would help if you used both hands to unscrew the cover. 

Place both hands opposite each other to ensure proper balance. Now you can start unscrewing the cover. 

You have to rotate the light cover to the left (anticlockwise) to loosen it. Rotate to the right (clockwise) to tighten it. 

A Handy Tip: The cover has been there for quite a long time. So, chances are, it would be difficult to unscrew on your first try. In this instance, what you need to do is to slacken the cover a bit. Hit it with a shoe, preferably the rubber part. But please make sure you don’t hit it too hard. 

Step#4: Take off the ceiling light cover:

After unscrewing the ceiling light cover successfully, drop it on the floor before you start cleaning or changing the bulb. It’s wrong to hold the cover on one hand while using the other to clean or change the bulb. The cover or bulb could slip off your hand. 

How To Take Off A Ceiling Light Cover With Clip

Another type of ceiling light you will find is the one designed with a round metal clip. The clip’s job is to hold the cover in place. So by removing it, you can conveniently take down the cover. 

The steps involved in taking off the cover are similar to other types of ceiling light. Let’s discuss it in detail. 

Step#1: Obtain a ladder or stool:

Please ensure the ladder or stool you’re using is firm. It’s necessary for your safety. The main reason for using a ladder or stool is so you can reach the ceiling light. 

Now, position the self-standing ladder where you feel comfortable working on the ceiling light. It could be directly underneath the light or some distance away from it. 

Step#2: Get your gloves on:

Now that you have gotten to the top of the ladder or stool, it’s time to wear your gloves. You can use mechanic or gardening gloves. Just ensure your hands are well-protected. 

The gloves keep your hands clean and ensure clips holding the cover won’t leave you injured. 

Step#3: Support the cover with one hand:

Let one of your hands focus on removing the clip, with the other supporting the light cover. Without support, the glass cover would fall to the ground. 

Step#4: Locate the loose clip:

You’ll discover that one of the clips is loose. This clip is usually a breeze to remove, so find and pull it away from the light cover. 

Step#5: Remove the ceiling light cover:

After you succeed in moving the clips away, gently pull the cover away. Follow the same process to fix the cover to its original position.  


Removing the ceiling light cover is not that difficult after all. You can see that in the steps highlighted in this post. 

Know that most light covers are made of glass material. So, take extra care to keep the cover from falling to the ground. Always remember to support the cover with one hand while unscrewing or removing the clips.

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Jacob is a home remodeling guru having worked over 15 years in construction in Reno, NV, mainly focused on home renovations. He likes taking ideas from his clients and making them a reality.

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