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Can You Mix Fabuloso And Bleach? The Cleaning Solutions


Can You Mix Fabuloso And Bleach

Today, various detergents are in great demand and are used for various purposes. People are now aware of tiny bacteria and their dangers to human life. 

Generally, bleach is used to disinfect the home and its surroundings. Today, there are several cleaning solutions, and it’s easy to find all-purpose cleaning solutions in the local stores or shops. 

The Fabuloso is a perfect cleaning solution and can surely help you get rid of harmful bacteria and viruses. 

You may have considered mixing Fabuloso and bleach with the hope of producing a powerful solution. So, let’s find out. 

Can You Mix Fabuloso and Bleach

The Fabuloso and bleach do possess individual capabilities and characteristics. Both are great cleaning solutions and can function perfectly in different situations. 

However, mixing Fabuloso and bleach is not advisable since they produce chlorine gas. The reaction between a small quantity of chlorine and Fabuloso can be hazardous to humans’ health. 

The chlorine gas can cause breathing problems, coughing, and watery, burning eyes at low levels. 

High chlorine gas volume can cause terrible skin injury, fluid build-up in the lungs, etc. Therefore do not try mixing Fabuloso and bleach. 

Additional Information 

Mixing Fabuloso and bleach is not advisable because of the following reasons: 

Creates Harmful Gas 

 As mentioned, a mixture of Fabuloso and bleach will form chlorine gas. Chlorine gas is toxic and therefore harmful to humans; this makes it a health hazard. 

Inhaling or contacting chlorine has effects such as blisters, pneumonia, fluid build-up in the lungs, etc. 

Loses the Cleaning Ability 

The result of mixing Fabuloso and bleach is chlorine gas. The gas is harmful and irritating but does not have any aromatic or cleaning capabilities. 

Individually, bleach and Fabuloso are known for their excellent cleaning job in your household and its surrounding. Mixing them will only have catastrophic results. 

What To Do If You Accidentally Mix Fabuloso And Bleach 

If you accidentally mix Fabuloso and chlorine, the first thing to do is ensure there’s unrestricted airflow. 

You can only make this possible by opening the window and ensuring other ventilations are properly functioning. 

It’s because the accidental chlorine and Fabuloso mix will produce chlorine gas. The gas is toxic and thus harmful to human health. The chlorine gas has an unpleasant odor; immediately cover your mouth and nose if you smell it. 

If you have protective glass or masks, you wear them immediately. You can also start the exhaust fan and leave the room as fast as possible. 

You should stay outside the room for around 10 to 15 minutes before you go back to check the situation. If the room is not adequately ventilated, you can stay out much longer. 

What You Can Mix With Fabuloso 

The Fabuloso is a cleaner and is made of different chemicals and substances. Therefore you need to be extra conscious when mixing it with other solutions or chemicals.  Here are some things you can mix with Fabuloso with causing much effect. 


Water is one popular and not harmful liquid. You can mix it with Fabuloso to create a cleaning solution that’s diluted. To make a great cleaning solution, mix ¼ cup of Fabuloso with 4 liters or 1 gallon of water

Hydrogen Peroxide

If you mix Fabuloso with hydrogen peroxide, you will get an effective disinfectant. You can create this disinfectant and surely store it in a spray bottle.  


The mixture between Fabuloso and Vinegar can form a great cleaning solution. Vinegar is usually acidic, while Fabuloso is neutral. Therefore the reaction and the product will not be harmful. 

However, Fabuloso is an all-purpose cleaning solution; it does not need other chemicals to work effectively. It can also work perfectly without the vinegar boost. 

What Can Mix With Bleach 

You cannot mix bleach with Fabuloso, which is an all-purpose cleaner. However, you can still mix it with other things like:


Water is quite safe and can certainly mix with almost all solutions. The mixture between bleach and water will not form any harmful or toxic solution. The solution will be diluted bleach, and you can now clean with it over wide areas. 

Laundry detergent

The laundry detergent is another thing you can mix with bleach. The component is stable and thus will not create any toxic byproduct. 

The Cleaning Products That You Should Not Use

Bleach + Vinegar

The combination of the two sounds quite powerful, and you might think they’ll form a potent disinfectant. However, you should never mix these products. 

Their end product is chlorine gas, and at low levels, it will cause issues such as breathing problems, coughing, etc. 

Baking Soda + Vinegar

Both baking Soda and Vinegar can help you clean different parts of the house. However, it would help if you did not mix the two; vinegar and baking Soda are acidic, and mixing them will produce sodium acetate and water. 

However, mostly it will produce water. The Vinegar will make the baking soda foam up. If you store the mixture in a container, it can explode.

Bleach + Ammonia 

If you mix Ammonia and bleach, you will get a toxic gas known as chloramine. The symptoms of chloramine and chlorine are similar. 

You will also experience chest pain and breathing shortness. Many window and glass cleaners usually have Ammonia; therefore, you should never mix them.

Drain Cleaner + Drain Cleaner

The drain cleaners have powerful formulas, and combining them might lead to an explosion. 

You should use the product according to the instructions on the label. If it does not work as instructed, do not use another one. It’s advisable to call the plumber. 

Hydrogen Peroxide + Vinegar

People usually spray countertops or fruits with the alternating mist of vinegar and hydrogen peroxide. You need to wipe down the surface between the sprays. 

According to experts, this is the best thing to do. However, never mix these two products in the same container, creating peracetic acid. The acid is toxic and irritates the eyes, respiratory skin, and eyes. 

Bleach + Rubbing Alcohol 

Chloroform is quite popular. People know it from the movies where kidnappers mostly knock out victims. The byproduct of bleach and rubbing Alcohol will not make you pass out. However, it can be toxic and irritating. 

Never add bleach to other products but plain water. Simple products like toilet and window bowls contain Ammonia or acids that should not mix with bleach. 

Does Fabuloso Disinfect

The recent events have led to a drastic surge of disinfectants. People are more concerned about antibacterial and constantly ask whether Fabuloso is a disinfectant or antibacterial. 

The questions are quite logical since Fabuloso is among the popular cleanser in America. Fabuloso is a disinfectant, and if you have it in your home, it will surely help you disinfect your home. It will kill all the microorganisms, including germs, etc. 

How To Use Fabuloso

For the Fabuloso to be effective, dilute it using plain water. The pure Fabuloso is quite powerful and can burn or cause damages to surfaces and other materials. The perfect ratio is ¼ cup of Fabuloso and one gallon of water. 

To increase the product’s effectiveness in killing germs, you should use hot water. However, some surfaces cannot be treated with hot water; you need to use water at room temperature. 

Before you clean the floor using the product, you need to sweep first and apply the diluted solution on your floor surface using a sweep. 

Any standard mop will work perfectly. Ensure you apply an even amount of the solution on the floor. 

When cleaning other surfaces like kitchen tops, glass, and walls, you can apply the diluted solution on the surface using a sponge. 

It would help if you then wiped the area dry. Repeat the action until you completely clean all the other parts. 

Always remember to wipe the clean areas using a wet cloth and leave them to air dry. The surface will have a shiny and great look.

The Main Uses Of Fabuloso 

The Fabuloso is popular because it’s an all-purpose surface cleaner. You clean several places in your house with this product and get that shiny look.

However, you can only use Fabuloso on a wood floor that is sealed. Therefore, you should confirm that it is easy to do if the floor is sealed. Plus, the cleanser is not that safe, therefore do not use it to clean your dishes. 


The Fabuloso and bleach are great products to help you clean your home. Both are great disinfectants and have useful and safe applications if used differently. 

However, mixing won’t make them more effective; instead, practice will have deadly results. You can, however, mix them with other things like water; it will increase their effectiveness

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