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Helpful Questions Related To Pest Control Services      


Helpful Questions Related To Pest Control Services

Come summers, a scourge of mosquitoes overruns your home’s backyard in Jackson, Mississippi. The pleasant weather attracts flies, bees, and wasps, among other pests. With the arrival of springs, fleas, ticks, and stink bugs, nasty little creatures leave a foul stench when threatened. Even though the conditions in winters aren’t favorable for their growth, you will find cockroaches springing into action this time of the year. The only practical solution to this year-long insect problem is by calling pest control Jackson MS. They are specialists in eliminating mosquitoes effectively. However, you must contact them at the first sign of bug infestation in your house. How do you know that bugs have infested your home, and how can professionals help you? Read on to find out.

What Are The Signs Of Bug Infestation?

These are some tips to know if termites, cockroaches, and other insects have infested your property. 


Mississippi is home to three primary termites species: Formosan, Eastern Mediterranean, and Southeastern dry wood. Most homes in Jackson are troubled by Formosan termites, and they are highly active from late April to mid-May. These termites are about half inches long, and their color varies from tan to light brown. The most reliable signs of infestation are finding them on the floors or windowsill, shelter tubes on the walls, dried-mud like substance on wooden panels, and sunken areas in wallpapers. 


Cockroaches are a significant problem in Jackson and the entire state, and four species reside in almost all parts of the city: German, American, brown-banded, and smoky brown. German roaches are the worst because they cause allergy and asthma problems despite their miniature size. A tell-tale sign of an infestation is a musty odor in most areas, combined with droppings. If you encounter them in the daytime, it’s a reliable indicator of the infestation since roaches mainly venture during the night. The droppings’ shape, color, and size vary from one species to another. For example, German cockroaches leave droppings resembling black pepper flakes. 


Most houses in Jackson, Mississippi, have two primary species of rats: Norway and roof rats. Rats cause significant damage to homes because they can chew through almost everything, including wood, paper, cloth, and even electrical wiring. They are notorious for carrying several diseases like Salmonella and hantavirus. You can tell if your house has a noticeable rat population if you notice dark and shiny droppings, a musty smell everywhere, oily tracks on the wall, and weird scratching sounds. 

How Can Professional Exterminators Help You?

Professional insect killers in Jackson, MS, have years of knowledge and experience dealing with various bugs in homes. They possess the necessary equipment to effectively kill the pests, besides identifying the entry points, nests and locations. For example, if you have a termite infestation in your house, they might use baits, termiticides, and repellents to kill them quickly. They might apply the chemical around the entire boundary of the house or pump the termiticide into their nest. 

What Products Do They Use?

Exterminators use commercial insecticides with solid ingredients that are much more potent than the standard repellant sprays you find in stores. They might use sprays like Indoxacarb, boric acid, fipronil, pyrethrin, and pyrethroids. Since the State of Mississippi requires all professional exterminators to possess a license for applying these chemicals, you should only hire licensed companies.

How Much Does The Treatment Cost?

The specific cost of the pest control treatment in Jackson depends on the intensity of the problem, areas they would target, duration of the treatment, and products used. Most companies would charge between 10 USD$ to 18 USD$ per linear foot (companies determine the cost based on linear footage basis). If you have a rat infestation, the company will charge you between 200 USD$ to 600 USD$, including the initial consultation, treatment, and post-treatment measures. It is advisable to opt for those pest control services in Jackson that offer add-on services like spider de-webbing and quarterly, bi-monthly, and one-time service packages. 

What Steps Should You Take Before The Treatment?

You must cover all the food items in your kitchen to avoid them coming into contact with the chemicals. It would also be helpful to remove all furniture at least three to four feet away from the walls to enable the professional to scrutinize the area. It is advisable to keep your clothes in your drawer and closets before the treatment, or wrap them in plastic and store them safely in other places until your drawers are sprayed and de-infested. 

What Is A Termite Bond?

Some companies in Jackson, Mississippi, offer you a termite bond after completing the treatment, and it works like insurance between you and the extermination company. However, you must purchase this bond, saving you from paying re-treatment costs for future infestations. Even though the specific costs depend on the property’s size, most bonds vary between 1,800 USD$ to 3,000 USD$. 

To get rid of any form of infestation, it is important to avail pest control in Jackson, MS, at the first sign of bugs in your house. They will ensure your home is free from roaches, flies, bugs, and other pests that damage your property, cause illness and make your life extremely uncomfortable. 

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