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Can You Put A Candle In The Microwave? All You Need to Know About Candles


Can You Put A Candle In The Microwave

Since time immemorial, candles have been in existence. Before the invention of light bulbs, candles were the main source of light alongside lantern lamps.

In the modern world, candles have gained so much popularity owing to their scent and aesthetic value. 

Candles are also well known for the warm ambiance they give.   The most common uses of candles include religious and ceremonial purposes, not forgetting lighting during power failure emergencies.

Many people have ventured into candle-making as a hobby and as a business that has proven to be quite profitable. 

The process of making candles involves melting wax using various methods requiring a lot of expertise. You are in the right place if you want to know all about candles, but before we get any deeper, let’s first find out,

Can you put a candle in the microwave?

Yes, you can put a candle in the microwave to melt it. The process of melting a candle in a microwave could be very dangerous and therefore needs caution. 

It would be best if you never walked away from the microwave while trying to melt the wax to avoid overheating and, in some cases, causing a fire.

Methods Of Melting Wax

Apart from using the microwave, there are other methods of melting candle wax, such as using an oven or electric stove. Below is a detailed step-by-step of melting wax using the microwave, oven, or gas stove methods.

1. Microwave method

The microwave method is the simplest to use when melting wax, but it requires a lot of caution. The steps for melting candle using microwave method are;

  1. Crumble candle wax using a knife into a microwave-safe container.
  2. Place the container while uncovered into the microwave and set it to 4 minutes. This procedure is meant to soften the wax, not melt it.
  3. Take the container out of the microwave and stir the wax while checking its temperature to maintain the flashpoint.
  4. Return the container containing wax into the microwave at one-minute intervals to check the temperature and that the wax is not overheated.
  5. Remove the wax from the microwave once it has all melted and you’re are done.

2. Electrical stovetop method

This double boiler method involving an electric stove is one of the safest ways of melting candle wax. 

This is because boiling water only heats the bowl without melting the wax, thus reducing the chances of fire occurrence.  The steps to achieving good results are;

  1. Set up the double boiler, consisting of a wide, deep pan and a bowl that fits into the pan.
  2. Fill the deep pan halfway with water and let the water boil till it reaches its boiling point.
  3. Place a bowl containing crumbled wax into the boiling water, ensuring the water does not get into the bowl of wax. Keep checking the wax temperature using a thermometer.
  4. Once the wax is all melted, take the bowl with melted wax out the bowl and turn off the stove.

3. Oven method

The oven method is another simple way of melting candle wax, and just like the other methods, caution is a must. The steps for preparing candle using the method are;  

  1. Pre-heat the oven to the temperature of the melting point of the candle stated in the packaging of the candle.
  2. Place the wax into the baking tray then into the oven once it reaches the right temperature.
  3. Let the wax stay in the oven for about 10 minutes to melt, then take it out at an interval of 2 minutes to check its temperature until it reaches the desired value.
  4. Take the wax out of the oven using a glove once it is completely melted, and turn it off often.

Why Do You Need Candles? 

Candles have evolved over the years from just being a source of light to a great addition to your home décor, among other practical uses and also pleasure. Some of the benefits of using candles are;

To give a stylish look to your interior

Candles give any part of your house a relaxing and stylish look. Candles exist in different colors and varieties, and you can never lack what to choose from. 

You can use candles in the living room to give a calm and relaxing feel, in the dining room for romantic candlelit dinners, and even in bathrooms to give a spa-like feel. You can also use candles in gardens to chase away bugs and give a magical look.

To radiate ambiance

Candles give a natural ambiance that cannot be replicated. It changes how you feel about your atmosphere and soothes the mind to be at ease. 

Walking to a room full of candles after a long day at work does the magic of relieving you from your thoughts and tiredness because of the calming aspect they induce.

Candles create consistency

Candles impact mental health and elevate wellness activities such as yoga and journaling, which promote meditation and relaxation. 

Burning candles will help you commit to your reflection. There are also manifestation techniques that help you communicate with the universe by staring at the candle flame.

Improves mood and memory

Scented candles have a calming effect that reduces stress levels, lightens your mood, and elevates your memory.  

This is because some candles are made with chemicals such as dopamine responsible for supporting your mood.

Improves your sleep pattern

Candlelit evenings promote restful natural sleep and help maintain a good sleeping routine. Candles induce a sense of well-being, thus helping reduce anxiety and therefore promoting good sleep.

Candles cover up bad odors.

Scented candles give an amazing fragrance to your space hence covering unpleasant odors.  Scented candles also leave a long-lasting fragrance in your room; hence no need for purchasing air fresheners.

Candles are used for remembrance

Candles trigger specific memories and serve as a remembrance of loved ones, be it at funerals, weddings, birthdays, or church ceremonies. Candles bring a sense of support and remembrance.

Here Is Why You May Not Like Candles

Despite having very reputable advantages, candles also have their shortcomings, including revolving around health issues.  

Candles emit chemicals in small amounts that are harmless to humans but are always still considered. Some disadvantages of using candles are;

Candles cause allergies

Most candles are made from petroleum by-products, paraffin. When paraffin wax is burned, it emits volatile organic compounds widely known as carcinogens into the air. 

The chemicals produced are known for causing asthma attacks, allergy reactions, and other respiratory diseases such as heart attacks.

Candles cause dizziness

Scented candles use dyes and synthetic fragrances to give an aromatic, pleasant smell. The fragrances used emit compounds such as limonene and petroleum distillates which cause a wide range of health problems such as headache, dizziness, respiratory tract infections, and in rare cases, cancer.

Precautions To Take While Melting Candles

While melting candles may seem like an innocuous activity, it’s not. Things can quickly turn perilous if caution is not observed. Here are a few tips you can keep in mind to stay safe while melting candles.

Always have a fire extinguisher nearby

When melting fire wax, the chances of something catching fire are very high, and you should always be prepared to handle the situation if it occurs. 

It is safe to have a functional fire extinguisher and know how to operate it. You should never use water to put out a fire caused by candle wax.

Never leave the wax unattended

Melting wax to liquid might take forever, but that doesn’t mean you leave it unattended. When the wax reaches its melting point, there is a rapid change of temperature, thus the need to keep your eyes on the wax while checking its temperature often.

Use an electric stove to melt

It is advisable to use an electric stove rather than a gas stove if melting wax for the first time. Microwaves and electric stoves are preferred in comparison to gas stoves because they are safe. You should only consider gas stoves as an option if you have experience with candle wax melting.

Avoid burning candles for long hours

Carbon always collects on the wick when a candle is burning. Burning for long hours makes the wick unstable and makes the flame too large. 

Large flames are not desirable because they can accidentally put things on fire, and you might fail to know until it’s too late.


As you can see, there is no need to toss away candles when it still has wax. Rather you can melt the wax in a microwave to create your scented candle. However, it would be best if you were very cautious when handling candles to avoid fire that could be avoided.

You can never go wrong with candles. They are pretty amazing, and you will never lack use for it. 

This blog post has provided some crucial information on candles that will help you weigh options on candle usage and when you need to make your candle.

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