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Tips And Tricks To Care For Your Hardwood Floors


Tips And Tricks To Care For Your Hardwood FloorsOwning hardwood floors really is a simple pleasure. Hardwood is a beautiful material and it can be one of the most stunning parts of any interior design. While hardwood floors are often one of the favorite elements of a home, they do come with a certain amount of upkeep. As any homeowner knows, the pleasure of hard floors also comes with some level of anxiety. It’s all too easy to accidentally scuff up these beautiful floors, and too many homeowners are familiar with that gut-wrenching sound when this takes place. 

The most common culprit behind hardwood floor scuff marks is often times furniture. Furniture legs can not only create a lot of noise when not moved properly but can also leave scuffs that are hard to correct. The heavier the furniture, like couches and tables, the harder it becomes to move them in a way that won’t damage your floor

Heavy furniture isn’t the only thing that can scuff up your beautiful floors. Kitchen bar stools or chairs can also leave ugly scuff marks if not handled carefully. Often times while a person is sitting down and they will push their seat away from the kitchen table without thinking, and this creates that loud, unpleasant sound that results in a nasty scuff mark.

When it comes down to it, there is a level of challenge associated with keeping hardwood floors in good shape. Even pets like dogs can scuff up hardwood floors if their claws aren’t kept trimmed consistently. The good news is that while you do have to work at maintaining the conditions of your floors, there are tips and tricks that can make this easy.

If you have been wondering about the best ways to take care of your hardwood floors and minimize the amount of damage they take on, here is everything you need to know

Ruby Red Sliders 

One of the first things you should do if you want to take care of your hardwood floors is to invest in Ruby Red Sliders. This unique product is a special slip that is designed to fit over the end of any leg of furniture. The unique design of the sliders means that they can fit both round and square furniture leg ends. Made from durable, stretchy plastic this means it can fit almost any size. 

Fastened with industrial strength glue to the tip of the slider is a felt pad that prevents any and all scuffing. This felt pad is specifically designed to withstand a lot of pressure and still handle friction with ease. With a Ruby Slider, you can move heavy furniture, or even scoot chairs around hardwood floors while sitting in them. Not only does it protect against scuff marks, but it makes moving or repositioning furniture something that has absolutely no hassle involved. 

The best part about these sliders is that they actually do work, and the proof is in the Ruby Sliders Reviews that hundreds of satisfied customers have left. With this kind of protection, you never have to worry about damaging your floor when you rearrange the furniture. This can completely revolutionize the way you look at rearranging your spaces and give you the freedom to do so with no consequences. 

Area Rugs

Another great option for helping to protect hardwood floors is by using tasteful area rugs. Rugs add a special touch to interior design that is hard to beat. The right rug can pull an entire room together in a unique and satisfying way. One of the best things about a rug is how they rarely detract from the beauty and satisfaction of having hardwood floors, but can actually make them more enjoyable. 

The right kind of area rug, whether it’s large or small, can really do a lot for the ambiance of a room, and it can help to preserve your floors. If you have indoor pets like dogs and cats, then a well-placed area rug can be a tasteful and stylish way to protect your floors from their little claws. 

Always Grab Help

Another way to ensure that you keep your beautiful hardwood floors scuff-free is by always recruiting help when you rearrange the furniture. With area rugs and Ruby Red Sliders, moving furniture is not only easier but safer for your floors. That being said, it’s still a good idea to have help for the larger pieces of furniture like heavy dining tables, or sofas and sectionals. 

Having an extra set of hands to help ensure that these transitions happen gently is a great way to make sure you are protecting your floors. 


The challenge of keeping your hardwood floors beautiful and scuff-free doesn’t have to be daunting. With the right tools, and these tips and tricks, you can maintain the quality of your floors with ease. 

Jacob Lindsey

Jacob is a home remodeling guru having worked over 15 years in construction in Reno, NV, mainly focused on home renovations. He likes taking ideas from his clients and making them a reality.

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