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A Comprehensive Guide To Sofa Cleaning In Singapore: Fabric And Leather Care


Sofa Cleaning In Singapore

Whether it is a futon right in front of the television or the armchair to cozy up with a book on a rainy night, leather as an upholstery will never go out of style!

Most homeowners have this bias towards leather sofas!

For decor enthusiasts, it is a rustic finish that leather brings to the aesthetic. 

For individuals with the least time to clean, it is the low maintenance of a leather couch. 

For the ones with a budgeting issue, it is always the durability that leather sofas bring. They can be a part of your decor for a long time!

Leather as a fabric has top-tier durability; through several years of use, it doesn’t lose its elasticity or tear. In the case of shiny leather sofas, you might have to maintain and polish for the shine occasionally, and rest, you are all set.

But, are you?

What about deep cleaning?

Why Sofa Requires Cleaning

Yes, leather is a non-permeable substance, meaning dirt and debris cannot seep inside the material. However, if the Covid19 has taught us anything, bacteria, and viruses are surviving on these surfaces right before us. This means beyond the immaculate look of your leather sofa; it could be dirty and harboring bacteria.

How will you know that? Read the excerpt below to find more.

You might think that only wiping them with plain water and baking soda is doing the job, but it is not!

The residue is still there, soaking in the sun and attracting bacteria, especially if you have a leather sofa bed used rigorously daily for several purposes.

On the other hand, the gray-green texture of a leather sofa is the first sign of mold. One of the biggest disadvantages of having leather upholstery is the potential to catch mold. If you keep leather sofas at a certain temperature, they can catch mold, especially in the damp seasons. Needless to say, the diseases mold could bring.

Thus, regular cleaning and maintenance of a leather sofa is important, and it goes without saying.

Understanding Leather Types

Now, every leather has a different aesthetic. Sometimes a sheen in the leather could be because of the recent polish or a sign of a dirty sofa. Plus, it is a sofa; in a few years, it is inevitable for the upholstery to collect residual coffee spills, chips, crumbs, and dessert smears.

In order to protect your leather, you first have to get a fair idea about the types.

  • Full Grain leather is generally made with the top thin layer of a hide. Due to the soluble nature of the aniline dye, this type of leather has an unpolished look.
  • The top grain layer is made with just the second layer of the hyde. Since the first layer has to be stripped, they go through a rigorous sanding process to expose the 2nd layer, giving it a much-polished look. Since furniture requires such unpolished upholstery to give that literal perfect look, most furniture makers use the top grain for sofas.
  • A semi-aniline is not totally sanding resistant. It is somewhere between the two, and some sofas even come with this texture, giving it a more cabin rustic look.

Benefits Of Choosing Leather Sofa

If you are looking for a sofa for your brand-new living room, why not go for a good quality sofa?

  • Unlike normal fabric, a leather sofa can last a decade longer with proper maintenance.
  • The material holds excellent elasticity and does not sag with time and heavy use.
  • Contrary to popular belief, it is quite affordable.
  • Maintenance is easier.
  • A natural water resistance so less mess by kids.
  • Finally, a timeless look to your entire room decor.

Disadvantages Of Choosing Leather Sofa

Unfortunately, like every good thing, it is far from being ‘too good.’ Yes, there are a few disadvantages that come with leatherette sofa upholstery.

  • High-quality deer leathers can be unreasonably expensive. (These are the long-lasting kind).
  • Pets are not the ideal friends for leather upholstery, with them always trying to claw their way in.
  • A little scratch can derail the entire look of the sofa, especially if it is right in front of everyone’s view.

Precautions Before Cleaning Leather Sofas

Before you jump to every DIY method out there to clean your beautiful leather sofa, hear us out!

Leather has fine craftsmanship, and cleaning it the wrong way might damage it. Therefore, there are some precautions that you need to take.

  1. No Leather Surface Should Be Soaking Wet

Soaking leather and letting water seep in through the semi-permeable surface can decrease the shelf life of the leather. Excessive water exposure can strip the natural protective oil of the leather, making it susceptible to tear and loss.

  1. Do Not Let It Soak For Too Long

If you spill any form of food particle on the sofa, do not let it soak for too long. Dab, clean it with a paper towel as soon as possible.

  1. Do Not Scrub The Stain

Spilling red or certain food can stain your leather sofa. Especially when the fabric is dyed tan, or it is semi-aniline with tiny wrinkles on them. However, scrubbing it hard to get the stain, especially with excessive water, can lighten that portion. Giving it a bleached effect (which you wouldn’t want).

  1. Do Not Use DIY Cleaners

In fact, you shouldn’t DIY clean your sofa. Leather sofas have a method to your madness, which means there are equipment and cleaning materials made especially not to damage the surface of the leather fabric.

Step-by-Step Guide to Cleaning Leather Sofas

Here is a step-by-step guide provided by a professional fabric sofa cleaner to clean and maintain a leather upholstery sofa.

Number 1: Gentle Dusting and Wiping

If you have spilled or dropped something on your leather sofa, do not begin with ‘water work.’ First, gently dust and dry wipe the residue from the wrinkles of the leather. If it is a liquid, first dab it with a paper towel to soak up most of it.

Number 2: Treating Stains and Spills

First, avoid bleach and ammonia, as they will leave a white color faded stain on your sofa. Then make a concoction of olive oil, vinegar and spritz it on the stain. Let it sit for a few minutes before wiping it dry to get the strain off. Remember, this is only in emergency situations. Second, if the stain still persists, do call for a professional sofa cleaner in the situation.

Number 3: Conditioning and Protecting Leather

After all the harshness of the vinegar (natural), or other sofa cleaning concoctions (artificial), it could lose some of its initial softness. So, you have to immediately condition the area in order to retain it. Now, the internet might ask you to DIY your own concoction, but we would suggest calling for professionals. This will prevent you from inadvertently damaging the surface without your knowledge.

Number 4: Maintenance Post Cleaning

For leather sofas, maintenance is a big deal to increase their longevity. This is why, even after cleaning, you need to dry or semi-wet wipe your sofa regularly. Vacuum the area once every week to get all the accumulating dust and debris out of the surface.

Prevent accidental spills and scratches while moving the sofa for any purpose. Do not let any stain sit on the leather fabric for too long, and take action as soon as possible.

Choosing Professional Sofa Cleaning Services In Singapore

Now, you might think that DIYing the leatherette sofa cleaning process is making it easier for you to save money. Here is why you would be wrong:

  • You do not have enough knowledge about leather. One day you might accidentally rub the leather with a concoction carrying a toxic solution that can ruin the surface.
  • Not receiving enough professional advice since you are not calling one.
  • Panicking because your concoctions are not working. Eventually, you discard the sofa because of one stain and run to buy a new one.

Safe to say, paying a credible sofa upholstery cleaning company is better than spending more than intended for damage control.

Here is how you can choose the right professional cleaning service in Singapore:

  • Evaluating the Need for Professional Services: Do not call for one because we said so. Check your leather sofa, and then conclude your requirements from the company. Vis a vis, how would you want your sofa to look at the end of the clean? Some individuals like the matt finish, but the deep cleaning gives it a tiny sheen, and then they complain about such mishaps. So, know what you want to avoid them.
  • Research Before Selecting: Do not blindly call the first company you come across. Yes, the interface might look promising. But, you should look into their portfolio, experience level, and, most importantly, credibility.
  • Understanding Service Package: Some companies will show discounted prices on their website and charge you extra for several discrepancies. Avoid being the gullible party because then you will be a victim of monetary exploitation. Do your research, and negotiate the price before hiring them officially.
Jacob Lindsey

Jacob is a home remodeling guru having worked over 15 years in construction in Reno, NV, mainly focused on home renovations. He likes taking ideas from his clients and making them a reality.

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