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Billigste Strøm: How To Get Electricity At The Cheapest Price


How To Get Electricity At The Cheapest Price

Electricity can be said to be one of the greatest inventions of all times. It is one invention that has greatly impacted humanity for good. Before the invention of this commodity, there were a lot of things that man couldn’t do that are now possible. 

The simplest of what electricity brings to mankind is artificial light. Whereas humans had to shut down any productive activity once it was dark in the absence of electricity, now people work late into the night all thanks to artificial lighting.  Machines and appliances have made life much easier and more productive too. 

Innovations have sprung up on the back of this ‘simple’ commodity and it now seems like mankind cannot do without it. Its importance has pervaded every sphere of human life and we are better for it. Check out this article for more details on the importance of electricity. 

That being said, we know that nothing good comes ‘cheap’ and that is very true of electricity. This commodity accounts for a chunk of people’s monthly and annual bills. Therefore people are always looking for ways to cut down on this bill without missing out on the full benefits of this commodity. 

In this article, we will share some information that will help you maximize your electricity usage while cutting down on cost. 

Understanding Your Electricity Usage

Some people just consume power without knowing how it happens and when the bill comes they are usually bewildered at the cost. There are so many things that we do unconsciously not knowing that it is stacking up energy cost. So let us help you understand your power usage and cut down outrageous cost by doing the following:- 

Assess Your Current Energy Consumption 

Every appliance that you use in your home consumes a particular amount of electricity and it is measured in Kilowatt-hours (kWh). This therefore means that your energy usage is the total amount of kilowatt that you use daily. So when you get a bill at the end of the month, it represents the total kWh that you consumed that month. This billing can either be pre-paid or post-paid. 

One quick way of finding out how much electricity you consume in a month is to check your past energy bills.  These bills usually list how much energy you used in the period that you are being billed for. If you feel confused by the reading on your bill, you can calculate your usage manually. 

All you need to do is check out how many kWh your appliances consume and then calculate that by how many hours you leave them plugged in and running.  Calculate the total watts each device uses in a day, and then convert it to kilowatts. After that, you multiply the kilowatts by the rate that you are charged. This will give you a total of how much you consume.

Analyse Appliances that Consume Energy the Most

After you have calculated how many kWh each device that you have consumes, the next step is to analyse the usage. Is this appliance necessary for daily living or is it a luxury? Ask yourself whether you can do without some of these appliances or whether you have to cut down on the use of some of them. A thorough analysis of the usage of high energy consuming appliances will help you make an informed decision. This the first step to getting billigste strøm (the cheapest of electricity) without losing out on the benefits that electricity brings to us.

Tips for Conserving Electricity to Save Money

As we mentioned before, there are some things that we do unconsciously that wastes electricity. They seem inconsequential in the moment but at the long run they do add up. We will share some of those things here with tips on how to conserve power. Note that energy conservation does not only help us save money but it also preserves our eco-system by reducing the carbon footprints on it. 

The following are some tips for energy conservation to save money:- 

Switch off Light Bulbs and Appliances when not in Use 

This looks like a moot point but the truth is that most people still leave their light bulbs on even when it is not necessary. You do not need to leave your light bulbs on, unless you absolutely need artificial lighting. During the day, you can open your windows and curtains to let in natural light and ventilation. 

Additionally, switch off appliances that are not in use from the socket. This is to avoid what is known as Phantom or standby energy. Phantom energy is the electricity that appliances use when they are plugged into power (this is even when they are not in use).  So when your appliances are not in use, switch off all appliances from the power socket. 

Change your Kitchen Habits

The kitchen is one room in the home where people waste electricity unconsciously. Most fridges in homes run every hour of the day. You can conserve energy by switching off any fridge that you do not use all the time. 

For fridges that have to be on at all times, ensure that the doors are properly sealed so that cool air does not escape. Fridges that do not have airtight seals end up wasting energy because the fridge will be working harder to reach its optimum temperature and this will increase the electricity consumption. 

It is recommended that you cook in bulk and refrigerate rather than cooking at every meal. When you cook and freeze, it is cheaper to microwave than cook a fresh meal. This is because microwaves use less energy than ovens or cooktops.  Additionally, when you cook, ensure that the pot is covered so that you do not spend longer time cooking 

Another appliance in the kitchen that runs up electricity bills is the dishwasher. Therefore ensure that your dishwasher is fully loaded before you run it. Additionally, run the dishwasher on economy mode. Also look out for off peak period if you have that in your region and run your appliances such as dishwasher and washing machines at that time. 

Use Energy Efficient Light Bulbs and Appliances

Regular light bulbs consume more energy than LED bulbs. LED bulbs can save up to 80% of power and they last over 3 times longer than regular bulbs. Also ensure that when you go shopping for new appliances, you go for brands with the ENERGY STAR logo. Products with this logo are energy efficient and they help you save on your energy bill. 

If the appliances in your home are old models, you can visit an electronics shop and ask for recommendations on energy saving devices. Most shops will be glad to help you upgrade and make your home energy efficient.  Visit https://www.energy.gov/  for more tips.

As you apply these tips, you are sure to see some changes. That being said, you can also reach out to other providers to see what they offer. 

How to Get Cheapest Electricity Supply 

As important as electricity is, we know that it is one of the commodities that affect the living expenses of every individual in this modern age. Since we cannot do without this commodity, it now behoves the user to find ways of both conserving it and getting it at the cheapest rate available. 

Below are tips on how to get the best rates possible:- 

Research Electricity Suppliers Around you 

One simple way that you can research energy service providers is by simply going online and doing a search. Your search engine will throw up a number of companies that you can visit their website. With search engine results, it is recommended that you check out only the ones on the first page of the result pages. This is because they are usually the most relevant replies to your query.

When looking at these companies, take out time to compare their tarrifs, their services and terms and conditions for these services. Make sure that you use the same parameters to compare the offers as that is the only way you can be sure to get accurate analysis. 

Factors to Consider when Comparing Providers

As you compare providers, there are certain things that you must look out for and they include the following:- 

  1. The reputation of the company 
  2. The length of the plans they have
  3. Their rates 
  4. Their cancellation fees 
  5. The range of their service
  6. Where they are based 
  7. Their customer service culture 
  8. Reviews from other/past customers 


Getting the cheapest of electricity supply is not rocket science but some people do not get it because of negligence/ignorance. We have shared some pertinent information in this article and as such you have the basic knowledge of what to do to lower the cost of electricity for you and your household. 

Jacob Lindsey

Jacob is a home remodeling guru having worked over 15 years in construction in Reno, NV, mainly focused on home renovations. He likes taking ideas from his clients and making them a reality.

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