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How To Convert An Attic Into A Masters Bedroom


How To Convert An Attic Into A Masters Bedroom

Is your current bedroom too small? Or maybe you are tired of sharing the floor (and the bathroom) with your kids? Or there is a new bundle of joy on the way and you need more space? Maybe you wish to simply add value to your home? Either way, if your home is blessed with an unfinished attic, there is an easy solution to your problem. In case of attic renovation, there are no foundations to worry about. Basically, everything is already in its place, you just need to convert that messy place into your dream bedroom. Of course, converting an attic is not something that can be done in a couple of days. This is a serious project that involves a lot of planning, so make sure you have all the steps covered before you visit a home improvement store. Here are all the things you need to consider when transforming your old attic into your brand-new master suite. 

Paying Attention To Building Codes

The first thing you need to find out is whether turning your current attic space into a bedroom is legal at all. It is quite possible that you will have to make some drastic changes before you can start choosing colour pallets. Keep in mind that this renovation is most likely a large-scale remodel, and it will take as little as three months. In addition, you will need to get several different permits. Converting an attic into a master bedroom may require changes to the configuration, ceiling, stairway, and more. A professional will need to check your walls to see which ones are structural. Those that aren’t can be moved in order to optimise the space. Furthermore, floors will need to be inspected to see whether they can withstand the extra weight of the living space. If not, they will need to be retrofitted. 

Ensuring The Comfort

A bedroom is a space in your home that needs to be comfortable and inviting. As you probably already know, attics tend to get really hot in the summer, which is why you need to ensure you can regulate those high temperatures during those months. Make sure your new bedroom features plenty of windows, a ceiling fan, or even an AC unit. On the other hand, attics can get really cold in the winter, which is why proper insulation is required. If you are looking for a type of insulation that can be quickly and easily installed, consider foil faced insulation. This insulation will not only increase the energy efficiency of your home but will also keep those nasty pests away and make your bedroom soundproof. Speaking of soundproofing insulation, when the bedroom suite is finished, place rugs on the floor to reduce footstep noise below. Your new space should be bright and airy, which is why installing a skylight can be the right choice. You will bring in more natural light and even increase the headroom in the attic. 

Choosing The Layout

You probably want to make this remodel as efficient as possible. If so, consider placing your new bathroom above your old one, so you can easily extend plumbing and sewage upstairs. You can do the same with electrical lines. However, still make sure your lamps and lights are positioned in a way that will bring a cosy and pleasant atmosphere. Think about placing lighting in several corners of the room to open up the space. When it comes to your stairs that lead to the attic, it is possible that your current ones won’t meet the code if they are too steep. Therefore, they will need to be repositioned or elongated to meet the requirements of your new space. When choosing the layout of your new suite, you will need to consider storage. Luckily, most attics come with various storage areas, so think about keeping those. Make sure you balance square footage between the living space and closets so you end up with a spacious bedroom and still have enough place to stow things away. One of the reasons why attics easily convert into fabulous bedrooms is exposed collar ties. Regardless of whether you enjoy a rustic look, a more modern one or you are a big fan of the farmhouse style, you can easily paint or stain those beams to comply with your design choice. If, on the other hand, you do not like the exposed look, you can always hide these areas with drywall.

Opting For Light Colours

Now that you have considered the layout, insulation, and all the other details, it is time for the fun part. When it comes to painting this space, transform your dark and cramped attic into an airy oasis by opting for a lighter colour pallet. You can go with all-white, but if you are looking for a dynamic look do not hesitate to choose a patterned wallpaper. Wooden floors can be easily lightened with paint, but you can also install come vinyl plank flooring in a light colour. 

Separating The Spaces

If your attic is quite large, you can create several spaces for your bedroom. For instance, you can create a reading nook, a sleeping area, and a shower room. Where possible, use screen walls or glass to keep the impression of a large volume.

Opt For Adapted Furniture

In case your attic features a lower ceiling, avoid using large furniture pieces that will create a feeling of heaviness. Instead, opt for lower units such as benches, chests, and sideboards. It is important not to clutter the room with heavy furniture that is too dark. If you wish, you can open up the room by opting for the Scandinavian style which is known for its clean and bright designs.

Converting an attic into a master bedroom is not an easy project, but once you get to enjoy your new space you will see that all that hard work has paid off. Oh, and adding value to your home surely doesn’t hurt. 

Jacob Lindsey

Jacob is a home remodeling guru having worked over 15 years in construction in Reno, NV, mainly focused on home renovations. He likes taking ideas from his clients and making them a reality.

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