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5 Foundation Repair Tips For Homeowners To Keep It In Shape


Foundation Repair Tips For Homeowners To Keep It In Shape

The foundation is an essential part of the building because it provides stability to your building. It does so by distributing the weight evenly on the ground. A well-designed foundation ensures the safety and longevity of your building. However, this part of the house is susceptible to damage from the soil, with clay being the most prone, and water, which causes erosion, frost heave, and hydrostatic pressure. Besides, it is prone to moisture damage. Here are the tips you should use as a homeowner to keep the foundation in top shape.

1. Inspect Regularly

First, inspecting the foundation regularly to detect any early signs of problems like pier and beam foundation damage is best. Check for uneven floors, cracks in the walls or floor, and sagging floors. In addition, you should check for gaps between walls, plumbing problems, and sticking doors or windows. Detecting such foundation problems at an early stage will enable you to consult a professional foundation repair contractor on time, saving you from high repair costs.

2. Practice Mindful Landscaping 

It’d be best if you also practice mindful landscaping. When landscaping, plant trees and shrubs far from your building. Adhering to this is essential because the roots of large trees draw water from the soil, causing an imbalance causing foundation settlement. Besides, mindful landscaping ensures the soil stability of the surrounding foundations. You will practice proper grading to prevent soil erosion and maintain a stable soil structure to achieve this. Installing effective drainage management will mitigate the impact on your building’s foundation.

3. Maintain Consistent Moisture Levels

Although addressing moisture issues is essential, you should ensure that the foundation surrounding the property has consistent moisture levels. This is essential because fluctuations can lead to expansion and contraction, which cause foundation movement. It’s best to water your lawn evenly to avoid inconsistency. In addition, you should use an efficient irrigation system during dry climates to achieve consistent moisture levels.

4. Don’t Overlook Small Repairs

As a homeowner, you may overlook small repairs as you deem them inconsequential. However, that can be your undoing because the small repairs can escalate into bigger issues if left unchecked. Besides, most of the small repairs are signs of underlying problems. Therefore, it will help if you consult a professional promptly if the need for small repairs arises.

5. Seek Professional Help 

As much as you want to handle the maintenance of your foundation as a homeowner, it’s best to seek professional help. Some maintenance and repairs require experts, like pier and beam foundation specialists. Handling them yourself can lead to costly mistakes. Hiring an expert would be best because they have the knowledge and expertise to handle such problems. In addition, they have specialized tools for such and can advise you on how to prevent future damage. 

The foundation is among the most essential parts of your house. However, it is susceptible to damage that can affect the building’s stability. Therefore, it will help to use the tips you have read here to keep the foundation in top shape. And if not experienced, hire experts who can do foundation leveling, beam and pier replacement, moisture control, and crawl space repair.

Jacob Lindsey

Jacob is a home remodeling guru having worked over 15 years in construction in Reno, NV, mainly focused on home renovations. He likes taking ideas from his clients and making them a reality.

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