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The Top 10 Most Common Roof Problems 


The Top 10 Most Common Roof Problems 

A healthy roof means a healthy home. However, your roof is prone to several issues. Uncontrollable factors like harsh weather and humidity can tamper with your roof’s health. Knowing what problems your roof is most susceptible to can help you in putting preventive measures in place. This guide will brief you on 10 of the most common roof problems to be wary of. 

Top 10 Most Common Roof Problems 

Your roof is vulnerable to numerous problems, but here are 10 of the most common ones to look out for.

Damaged shingles

Damaged shingles and pried-off flashing or tiles are bad news for your roof. After a storm or a rainy night, this could happen. While one or two missing shingles are not problematic, if your roof has lost or damaged too many shingles to count, you need to get it fixed before your home gets exposed to weather elements like rain and sun. They can destabilize your roof. Before matters get worse, speak to a professional in roofing in Portland and get your roof repaired or replaced, depending upon the scale of damage. 

Roof leaks 

Roof leaks should never be ignored, even if they seem minor. A leaking roof can pave the way for water damage inside your house. This can also make a hospitable space for the growth of toxic microorganisms that can harm your house and your family’s health. If you detect leaks in your home’s roof, regardless of how minor it seems, call for a professional roofing company and get it checked before it spirals out of control. 

Tree branches

From an uprooted limb to the whipping of branches on the roof because of high-speed winds, tree branches can harm your roof in more ways than one. The pressure from the trees and the breaches can make your roof sag. Make sure you pay attention to the growth of the tree branches and leaning trees. Trim the overgrown vegetation that you think might hamper your roof’s health. 

Damaged flashing 

Your flashing could get damaged due to age or a natural disaster. If this happens, you’d have to get it repaired or replaced to stay protected from weather elements.

Failing granules 

The particles of your roof’s asphalt shingles are designed to absorb harmful UV rays. If they are failing, you’ll notice bald patches on your roof. This is your warning to consult professionals and get the roof fixed before further damage is done. 

Damaged gutters 

Damaged gutters can invite water into your home or make your lawn soggy. You don’t want that to happen. In some cases, this issue can be fixed by unclogging the gutters and reattaching them, but in some cases, the gutters would have to be replaced. 

Poor ventilation 

Your roof needs some breathing space. This is why the roof features vents that allow them to keep your attic cool and dry. However, if your roof’s ventilation is poor, you can expect your attic to be in the worst condition possible, chilly in winter and sauna in summer. This could result in a saggy roof. If you think your roof’s ventilation is not satisfactory, get it checked by a professional. 

Mold growth 

Mold is harmful to both your roof and your family’s health. There are several causes of mold growth in the house, one of the major ones being a moist and humid environment. Poor ventilation is a catalyst for mold growth, and so is water damage. 

Wear and tear 

As the roof ages, the more wear and tear it sustains, the more prone it becomes to damage. Replace your roof after every 20-25 years for the best results. 

Incorrect installation

If your roof is poorly installed, it will inevitably lead to several problems. You could end up spending a ton of money on repairs to no end. 

From repair and replacement to maintenance, you can consult a professional for complete roofing services. Seasoned professionals with an extensive portfolio can provide you with a fair quote and guarantee minimal downtime on the project. Some of them would stay in touch with you and offer post-project services to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. While speaking to different companies, ensure you get the quotes in writing. You should also get tentative timelines from all the contractors you meet. This can help you compare the available options. 

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