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The Most Popular Jobs In Brussels You Should Try


The Most Popular Jobs In Brussels You Should Try

Belgium is referred to as the heart of Europe because of its centrality in the European continent. This among other reasons has made Brussels its capital, a favorite to host headquarters of several European bodies with NATO making Brussels its administrative center too. In the capital Brussels region, Dutch is the main language spoken. Although knowledge of French or German will be an added advantage to you as a job seeker. English is also spoken but Dutch, French, and German are the main three languages.

If you are looking to move and work in Brussels there are several popular jobs you may consider as we will discuss in this article. To make a choice you may have to physically move around Brussels as you try to consider which of the popular jobs will best suit you. To do this you will require a means of movement. A car is the most convenient and ideal means to move around.

For enough legroom and ample space how about you make this trip around Brussels in a van? Various companies are dealing with van rental Brussels. You can check out Brussels airport vans for rent or even other off-airport locations. Compare prices from at least three rental companies and settle on the one that will best suit you. Rental24h.com app will come in handy in assisting you make the comparisons. With your transport means taken care of, let’s now look at a few popular jobs you should consider when looking for work in Brussels.

Engineering Jobs

The industries in Brussels are constantly in need of engineers. The most popular engineering jobs are mechanical, civil, and electrical engineers. Whether with job experience or not you can find employment opportunities in engineering.

Infrastructural developments have led to an increase in demand for engineers to take charge of various projects. As more projects continue coming up more engineers are continuously needed. 

Pharmaceuticals Jobs

The demand for Pharmacists is projected to grow by 2% in the next decade in Belgium. Brussels being the capital will most likely experience this demand more than other places. Several jobs in the pharmaceutical industry are popular in Brussels. These include:

  • Pharmaceutical Financial Analysts.
  • Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives.
  • Pharmacy Managers.
  • Biostatisticians.

Processed Food And Beverages Jobs

The food industry is ever-changing not only in Brussels but the world over. Machines are, however, replacing humans in some areas of food processing completely due to efficiency. But there are some roles that humans can never be replaced by machines like research. As the population continues to increase the demand for professionals in the processed food and beverages sector will also increase. Food technologists and scientists for research are especially popular jobs in Brussels that you can look into if you have the passion and relevant qualifications.

Motor Vehicle Assembly Jobs

The motor vehicle assembly industry in Brussels is doing well and according to projections, things can only get better. To qualify as an entry-level motor vehicle assembler, you will require a high school diploma. A degree or master’s and some experience will land you a supervisory position.

The different motor assembly companies in Brussels, however, provide apprenticeships for new employees to build their skills and frequently have training programs for their other staff to ensure the maintenance of high standards that are required for motor assembly in the EU.


The Brussels textile industry is always looking for creative and motivated individuals. Fashion is ever-evolving and if you have an eye for fashion, passion for it, and can be creative then the Brussels textile industry will welcome you with both hands.

The Belgian textile industry is world-famous, especially in furniture fabrics. If you can be innovative then join this booming industry and put your creativity and innovation to the test with some of the best brains in the industry.


Brussels is known for the many diplomatic employment opportunities it offers. But apart from these diplomatic jobs, the demand for skilled and unskilled labor is also high. This has created many employment opportunities that based on your qualifications and passion you can apply for. From the many employment opportunities, this article has highlighted a few for your consideration because of their popularity among job seekers in Brussels.

As you look to choose which will best suit you. A car will be the best means to move you around. Rent a van Brussels from the many companies offering vans for rent Brussels and move around comfortably as you make your choice on the job that will best suit you. Hope you land a job and enjoy working in Brussels.

Jacob Lindsey

Jacob is a home remodeling guru having worked over 15 years in construction in Reno, NV, mainly focused on home renovations. He likes taking ideas from his clients and making them a reality.

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