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Winterize Your Summer Fun: What To Do With Pool Floats in January

Winterize Your Summer Fun

In January, it can feel like the glitter of the holidays has faded, and all we’re left with is the chilly reality of winter. Thankfully, there might just be a joyful pink flamingo in the room — or, should we say, in the garage? That’s right, we’re talking about pool floats

Bright, buoyant, and the epitome of summer fun, these inflatable companions now seem out of place amidst the snow shovels and winter coats. Today, we’re sharing all the ways you can embrace them, even as the frost sets in. Let’s dive into the world of pool floats in January and discover how to keep the summer spirit afloat!

The Plight of the Pool Float in Winter

During summer, they’re the life of the pool party — graceful swans, gigantic donuts, and cheerful unicorns floating serenely on sun-drenched waters. Then, as winter rolls in, these pool floats face a new challenge: survival in the off-season.

Unlike the hardy snow shovel or the resilient winter coat, pool floats aren’t made for the cold. They’re bulky, often whimsical, and somewhat delicate creatures of summer, now awkwardly out of place. 

Storing them can be as comical as it is perplexing. Do you deflate them and risk never getting them back to their former glory, or do you find a way to keep them inflated, occupying precious garage or shed space? Many of us face this winter conundrum, often with a chuckle and a sigh.

Storage Solutions: Keeping Your Pool Floats Safe and Sound

How do we prep these summer beauties for their winter hibernation? Cleaning and drying your pool floats is crucial to prevent mold and mildew. A gentle wipe-down with a mild soap solution should do the trick. 

Once they’re dry, the big question is: to deflate or not to deflate? Partial deflation is often a good compromise. It saves space while preventing creases and damage that full deflation can cause. 

Now, it’s time for storage. If you’re short on space, think creatively. Hang them from the ceiling in the garage, slide them under beds, or even use them as whimsical room decor.

For those of us with a little more room, consider dedicating a shelf or a bin in your storage area specifically for your floaty friends. Remember, keeping them away from sharp objects and extreme temperatures is key to ensuring they’re ready for next summer’s adventures.

Innovative and Fun Uses for Pool Floats in Winter

Who says pool floats are just for summer? With a little imagination, these fun inflatables can bring joy even when there’s snow on the ground. Transform your living room into a tropical oasis using a pool float as an innovative lounge chair for movie nights. Kids will love the idea of an indoor pool party — minus the water, of course. 

Floats can also be the stars of winter-themed parties. Imagine sipping hot cocoa while lounging on a giant donut! If you’re crafty, turn a pool float into a unique art project or a quirky cushion. The possibilities are only as limited as your creativity. Don’t confine your inflatable friends to the poolside. Let them add a splash of summer to your winter days!

Ensuring the Longevity of Your Pool Floats

Even in their winter hideaway, pool floats need a bit of TLC to ensure they’re ready to make a splash next summer. Before tucking them away, give each float a thorough inspection. Look for air leaks, punctures, or any wear and tear. A patch kit can be a lifesaver for small punctures, ensuring your float remains seaworthy for the next season. 

You also want to consider the inflation level. While deflating them completely can save space, leaving a bit of air inside helps maintain shape and prevents creases or cracks. 

Finally, if you’ve opted to store them semi-inflated or fully inflated, it’s a good idea to occasionally check the air pressure, especially as temperatures fluctuate. A little attention now can save you from the disappointment of a deflated float when summer returns.

Keeping the Summer Spirit Alive With Pool Floats

Whether they’re tucked away, transformed into quirky indoor decor, or being prepped for next season’s fun, your pool floats don’t have to be out of sight, out of mind. With a little care and creativity, you can keep the essence of summer around all year long. 

Who knows? Maybe having that giant unicorn float staring at you from the corner of your living room isn’t such a bad thing. After all, it’s a daily reminder that summer will come again, bringing with it endless possibilities for fun and relaxation. Until then, keep those summer dreams afloat, and let’s make the most of every season!

Jacob Lindsey

Jacob is a home remodeling guru having worked over 15 years in construction in Reno, NV, mainly focused on home renovations. He likes taking ideas from his clients and making them a reality.

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