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7 Creative Ways To Use Nugget Ice


7 Creative Ways To Use Nugget Ice

Nugget ice is a favorite for people who love amazing foods and drinks. If you’re a true foodie, or simply a nugget ice fan, you’ll know just how superior it is to cubed ice and other traditional ice. What you may not know is just how versatile nugget ice can be as well. To help inspire your next awesome ice adventure, here are seven creative ways to use nugget ice: 

1. Smoothie Magic 

Smoothies are a dream. They can be used as a healthy snack, a full-on meal, or a simple refreshing treat depending on how you make them (and how much you make). Nugget ice’s compact, easy-to-blend nature makes it the perfect choice of ice for delicious smoothie creations. The more you use nugget ice to create your smoothies, the harder it will be to make the switch back to regular ice in the future. But if you invest in a nugget-ice-equipped refrigerator, you’ll never have to backtrack on your smoothie endeavors. 

2. Perfect Iced Beverage Creations 

Even in the wintertime, iced beverages are an absolute treat. If you want a quality iced beverage, then you simply must have quality ice to keep it cool. Traditional ice, especially cubed ice, is known for melting fast and making otherwise-tasty beverages watery and noticeably unbalanced. Use nugget ice to keep your beverage alive and delicious for much, much longer next time you make a perfect iced beverage creation. 

3. Cooling Down Veggies 

Blanching vegetables is a little-known technique that can help you seriously improve your cooking game in 2022. By using a bowl of iced water to rapidly cool down veggies after removing them from a pot of boiling water, you can avoid them becoming overcooked as they cool down. Additionally, this helps the veggies retain their color and nutrients. By using nugget ice in this process, you can be both efficient and stylish next time you need to blanch your veggies. 

4. Creating A Crazy-Cool Cooler 

Having the coolest cooler in your group is every ice enthusiast’s dream. With the sleek and modern look of nugget ice, you can make your cooler way more rad. Additionally, nugget ice often lasts longer and is less harsh to the touch, than traditional cube ice. Fill your cooler up with some quality nugget ice, and you’ll impress your friends the next time you hit the beach for a relaxing day out in the warm, refreshing sun. Adding a nugget-ice-capable fridge to your home can be a huge hit as well! 

5. Keeping Your Champagne Fresh 

Who doesn’t love a fresh, crisp sip of champagne (or a whole bottle)? If you’re preparing to celebrate a life achievement, you need a surefire way to keep your champagne ready for the perfect moment to pop. Nugget ice lasts longer than cubed ice for chilling purposes, so use the whacky, fashionable ice product to help celebrate your life’s greatest achievements (or a simple, fun get-together with your closest friends). Just make sure you avoid the cheap stuff when shopping for your celebratory champagne. 

6. Scrumptious Seafood Platters 

If you’re a true foodie, you likely love seafood (unless you have allergies, that is). Many of the best seafood dishes are served fresh and in bulk. To keep the seafood from becoming too warm, or becoming unsafe to eat, those in-the-know use a large ice tray to keep the food clean and delicious. Next time you are preparing to chow down on some delectable oysters or refreshing shrimp, be sure to use nugget ice to keep the party going all night long (or until the ice runs out). 

7. Refreshing Ice Baths 

If you’re an avid workout junkie, you’ll know how easy it is to overdo it and end up incredibly sore after an otherwise-awesome workout session. If you have access to a bulk of nugget ice, you can use the wonder product to make yourself an attractive, quality ice bath. The shooting nature of the ice bath will help you recover way faster, and will give you a fun experience to brag about with your workout pals as well.  And did you know that quality ice can help save the environment in the near future? 

Get Wild With Nugget Ice In 2022

2022 has been a huge year for the popularity of nugget ice. While people have been loving nugget ice in gas stations for years, many consumer fridges have only recently begun to feature nugget ice makers. Now that you can get a quality smart fridge with a built-in nugget ice maker, you can live out all of your wildest nugget ice creations and endeavors. You’ll be investing in one of the coolest new technologies to explode into the marketplace this last year. 

Jacob Lindsey

Jacob is a home remodeling guru having worked over 15 years in construction in Reno, NV, mainly focused on home renovations. He likes taking ideas from his clients and making them a reality.

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