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4 Things To Consider While Purchasing Artificial Grass


4 Things To Consider While Purchasing Artificial Grass

Artificial grass has numerous benefits over natural grass. It requires less maintenance, you get better control over the lawn layouts, and they are easy to install and maintain—no wonder why many homeowners prefer artificial grass over natural grass. Many homeowners also have pets in their homes; hence they prefer pet friendly artificial grass that is safe for their pets and won’t cause any health issues. 

Despite making up their minds to buy artificial grass, many people often get confused when choosing the suitable artificial turf for their home. As many options are available for purchase, you must double-check different factors. To help you find the right artificial grass, consider four things while purchasing them. 

Grass Types

The great thing about artificial or fake grass is the variety of grass available. There are numerous synthetic grass types available based on grass blade shape and structure, and each one serves a different purpose. Selkirk Elite, Park Royal, Cascade Elite, and Sierra Pacific are some of the most popular grass series available in artificial grass.  

You’d be amazed to know that different grasses are available for different purposes, such as gyms, golf putting, playground, landscape, pet systems, rooftops, decks, patios, and sports. You can also use a custom grass system to suit your personal needs better.  

Pet Friendly

Pets love to play in the grass. They love to roll around the grass and have fun. But any pet owner would agree that they just dread dealing with the later consequence. Rolling the natural grass-covered their pets with mud and grass stains. After rolling in freshly cut turf, you must have come across numerous videos of dogs covered in green and brown stains. It would be a nightmare to get rid of those grass and mud stains. 

As the natural grass is also spread with harmful fertilizers, it can also lead to various health conditions for your pet. Therefore you must verify whether the artificial grass is pet friendly or not. Some reputed artificial turf sellers have also come up with special pet friendly artificial grass, such as Paw Pro, which is more than a blessing for pet owners. 

Area To Be Covered

Before choosing the grass type, you must have a clear idea of how wide an area you want to cover with artificial grass. There’s no sense in spending more money to buy additional grass that you won’t need. Also, you don’t wish to purchase less grass than you need. Therefore you must accurately measure the area you want to cover with artificial grass. That way, you can buy the accurate amount of artificial grass that will effectively cover the area. 

Ability To Withstand Foot Traffic

Turfs are designed based on different factors, and one of the critical factors is foot traffic. If you plan to install the artificial turn where people will regularly walk on it, you must choose a durable artificial turf that can withstand higher foot traffic. Knowing where you want to install the grass and whether many people will be walking over it will help you choose the suitable turf for your home or other purposes. 

Buying artificial grass doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated, especially when so much valuable information is available on the internet. Have a clear understanding of the needs and measurements of the area you want to cover to choose the right type of artificial turf. 

Jacob Lindsey

Jacob is a home remodeling guru having worked over 15 years in construction in Reno, NV, mainly focused on home renovations. He likes taking ideas from his clients and making them a reality.

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