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Home Improvement Ideas Homeowners Will Enjoy


Home Improvement Ideas Homeowners Will Enjoy

If you want to improve your home, you have many ways to do that. If you rent an apartment or house, you probably won’t want to make any significant changes. Even if you did, you’d have to get a landlord’s approval before you could proceed.

If you own a house, though, and you feel like you’ll stay there for a while, you might want to spend money making it better. Doing so will make you more comfortable when you live there, and you’ll also probably get more money back if you ever decide to sell and move somewhere else.

We’ll talk about a few easy home improvement options in this article.

Paint Some Or All Of Your Rooms

You might select semi-gloss paint for a bathroom if you look at the color and feel like it needs an update. Maybe you have some hideous paisley wallpaper from the 1970s, and you want to get rid of it and apply some fresh paint to liven the place up.

You may go with a nice baby blue or calming green. If you like your bathroom colors already, you might paint the living room or the kitchen instead.

Paint doesn’t cost all that much if you look at the various home improvement options. It can make a house look completely different, though, and you might feel like you need a change at some point.

Add A Tile Backsplash

You can also add a tile backsplash in your bathrooms or kitchen. You might DIY this project, or you can always hire a professional to do it for you. You’ll need to think about your confidence and skill set.

Hiring someone to do your backsplash will cost more than doing it yourself, but at least you know they’ll do it right. You might add some copper accents to the kitchen with backsplash that will offset the paint color nicely.

Backsplash doesn’t serve any practical purpose, but it can make a drab room come alive with color and style. When you move on from that house, you’re sure to get a better price if you undertake this project.

Paint The Cabinets

You might decide to paint your kitchen cabinets. Most people don’t think about the cabinets when they want to add some color. They might paint the walls, but they neglect the cabinets, and doing so means a lost opportunity.

You might go with a bright blue if you have gray kitchen walls, or maybe something like light green or yellow will work better for you. Nearly anyone can paint kitchen cabinets with basic skills, so you probably won’t have to pay the pros if you want to tackle this project.

Add Closet Space

When someone looks at a house, they will probably look at the kitchen’s size first if they like to cook. If they have several kids, maybe they want multiple bathrooms. They might want a two-car garage if they own a couple of vehicles.

After all that, they’ll probably look at closet space. You can’t have too much of it, though you can have too little.

You can add closet space in various ways. You might convert a crawlspace to a walk-in closet if you install some drywall and modify your HVAC setup.

If you can add closet space to an upstairs area, or anywhere else it fits, many homebuyers will appreciate that. If you don’t have a crawlspace, attic, or basement you can covert, you can always build a closet by screwing hanging racks into a wall. You might do that on a second-floor landing.  

Install a Storm Door

Some homes come without storm doors, and some homeowners don’t think to add one. It’s a nice detail, though, and one you should appreciate once you have it.

Maybe you can add one to a door leading to a mudroom or your kitchen. In the summer, you can install a screen in the door. In the winter, you can have a glass pane there.

During the summer months, on mild days, you can turn off your central air and leave the storm door closed with the inner door open. You can get a nice breeze blowing through the house. If you cook dinner and use the oven, you get better temperature regulation when you leave the inner door open wide.

If you have dogs or young children, they can look out through the storm door. You can see guests arrive and watch any neighborhood activity as well.  

Jacob Lindsey

Jacob is a home remodeling guru having worked over 15 years in construction in Reno, NV, mainly focused on home renovations. He likes taking ideas from his clients and making them a reality.

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